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Supplement Review: Prime Nutrition Intra-MD EAA+


Orange Carnage-

Even though it is labeled no artificial sweetners there is sucralose labeled as the sweetener. The orange carnage was a small hint of an orange creamsicle in taste. No artificial flavoring or aftertaste in this product, but that may vary depending on how little or how much water the individual uses to sweeten or water down the flavor. Overall this was fantastic and is very light on the stomach.


The melon taste is small right away, but provides a very long lasting and delicious aftertaste. The melon is not overpowering, but just enough to leave you satisfied. This makes for a very refreshing drink for peri-workout needs. I am not a huge melon fan, but with it being on the lighter side it is a flavor that will grow on me.


I did 1 scoop in around 10-12oz of water because each scoop is 22g in size. It is pretty big and if you ever venture to John meadows youtube channel about his intra-workout nutrition he always suggests or advocates using more water due to the amount of ingredients and extra goodies in the product. I had a fear this would be too strong in flavor, but this was a pretty good sweet spot for me personally.


This is where MD (Mountain Dog) took over and did the formula himself. He took his Intra-MD (popular Intra-workout beverage) and made it carb free.

The Two new additions to Intra-MD EAA+ are Glycerol (at 4.5g) and Theacrine Powder (50mg)

Glycerol supports intramuscular and cellular hydration. It has been established that muscle cell volumization and swelling can trigger protein synthesis. Glycerol is also a great asset for long lasting pumps.

Theacrine increases energy, focus, motivation, and exercise endurance. Theacrine also functions as an antioxidant, which in turn promotes faster recovery and improved immune system function.

Flavoring is done with surcralose and no artificial coloring which will help prevent bloat in some individuals.

2.5g of CM (Citrulline Malate), which helps prevent lactic acid, build up, provide nice pumps during a workout. This was bumped up from 2g in Intra-MD

Electrolytes, which can help provide a benefit in endurance and performance during training.

Glutamine was reduced from 1g to 300mg in the new EAA+ formula.

John and Prime also have 3g Leucine and a good dose of EAA’s each serving which are beneficial for fasted training (which I usually do). Leucine at 3g is a key activator of mTOR and master-controller for muscle protein synthesis.

Overall a great formula, and something I knew john would do very well in scripting with prime Nutrition.


$44.99 on the main website for Prime, but most retailers will offer it around $35-$40 a tub. This Intra-workout is full of EAA’s (which are shown to be superior for intra-workout). There Is 2.5g of CM (which aid pump and lactic acid build up which is great for intra-workout). There is also the inclusion of electrolytes for increased performance and glutamine to aid digestion. Lastly, there is the two new ingredients of glycerol and theacrine. These provide pumps, performance, focus, and antioxidant support. You get what you pay for, and this is a good formula, a great tasting product, and should be in consideration for those who like to train fasted upon waking or train with a very high intensity or volume.

Workout performance

Dosing the Intra-MD EAA+ now for a couple workouts I would take a BCAA product pre-workout (due to training fasted) and then use the EAA+ Intra-MD intra-workout and sip it from the start of my workout throughout my workout. If I were to train in a fed state I would skip the BCAA Pre and use just the Intra-MD EAA+.

A few things I did note right away

-Increased Pumps

-Less Soreness

-Faster Recovery and better focus

Typically I train with a varied Frequency, different intensity techniques, different mesocycles every 4-6 weeks. So far, I have noticed increased recovery, a bit less DOMS/Soreness, and also an increase in performance with less rest between sets.

Overall I am pleased with the MD EAA+, not to mention it is a very reasonably priced EAA product with a fantastic profile.




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