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Product Review: Sheath Underwear

We had the pleasure of trying out SHEATH Underwear recently and, well, it has pretty much ruined us. No longer can we comfortably wear the tens of other undergarments we own; we have decided to make the switch to SHEATH, and here's why:

The idea behind SHEATH was of a pouch underwear that completely isolates the male package from inner thigh region, providing a cool, dry, free, commando sort of feeling.

As one of the reviewers for this product, I can attest that this goal was accomplished, as personally, I have gone commando on most occasions for the last several years. I have an extremely athletic build with muscular thighs and glutes that are fairly disproportionate to the rest of my body due to years of football. I am always on the lookout for underwear that I can comfortably wear and still get that 'commando' feeling. SHEATH gives this as close as it's going to get in my opinion.

Another highlight of these that a second reviewer mentioned is how soft they are without feeling heavy. The tubing and stitching is not rigid like most underwear, which makes for very comfortable sleeping and sitting conditions. "I work on my feet most of the day walking around a store and they have never ridden up on me." The material these are made with are also exceptional at keeping things cool down there, even in sweaty situations.

Lets take a look at the 3 biggest points about SHEATH

The 'Zen' Pouch

Engineered to the smallest detail, the Sheath 'Zen Pouch' has evolved over 5 years, continually improving an already superior design, to ensure a perfect fit. No fancy gimmicks or stretchy ties, the Sheath 'Zen Pouch' is designed for non intrusive functionality. True tranquility you only notice when it's gone.


SHEATH has scoured the earth to find only the finest blends of material, to ensure the perfect design for any situation you may find yourself in. So, whether you buy the everyday comfort design (Sheath 2.0 LEFT) with a 95% cotton blend, unbelievably soft to touch, or the sports model (Sheath 3.0 RIGHT) with moisture wicking technology, SHEATH has you covered.


Let's be honest, there is nothing more important than comfort. We could go on and on about how comfortable these are, but the only way to really know is to get a pair and feel for yourself, which is why SHEATH offers a no questions asked full refund AND even covers the cost of return shipping.

Sheath has created a men's boxer brief with the active guy in mind. This is a very traditional cut and look for a men's boxer brief and while the design is simple, the engineering and thought put into this boxer brief is truly understood and appreciated when you put it on.

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