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Supplement Review: USP Labs ModernPRE


Fruit Punch – Modern Pre fruit punch reminds me of Modern BCAA. USP Labs has a great basic fruit punch flavor that gives you a great taste, and no artificial aftertaste. A middle road Fruit Punch that gives you a great amount of punch upon first sip and can be a very refreshing beverage to be sipped on pre-workout. Some people like to chug pre-workouts, this does not need to be slammed back as it is refreshing and enjoyable.


No problems when mixed in various liquid amounts. The container suggests 6-8oz of cold water, but I found that even upward to 12oz of water did not impact the flavor. I prefer to dilute the beverage a bit.

Citrulline 4-8g (Aid Pump/Lactic Acid build up during training)

Betaine 1.25-2.5g (Performance/Endurance)

Creatine 1.5-3g (Performance/Strength/Endurance)

Beta Alanine 1-2g (Aid Performance/Endurance)

Caffeine 175-350mg (Stimulant)

Cognizin 125-250mg (Nootropic)

3-6g of Carb10 (Quick Digeesting Carb)

At 1 scoop it will be under dosed in many aspects. When taken upward to 2 scoops you get a full dose of Citrulline, Betaine, and Creatine. Caffeine may be strong for some at 350mg, but there are exceptional stim junkies out there that require that much to get a buzz. The huge addition here in modern pre is the upgraded non-prop label.


On the USP Labs Inncer Circle Deal you got this for 20$ with samples and a barbell T-Shirt. Very hard to pass up price per serving for a good pre-workout that is very cost effective compared to others on the pre-workout market. Now that the IC is done it retails around 30$ for 30 or 15 Servings (1 or 2 Scoops).

Workout Reaction


Upon waking up I took 1 scoop of Modern Pre, 175mg of caffeine is a little under my personal sweet spot. Right away I felt the caffeine come on in a totally fasted state. What I did notice was how fast the nootropics and focus aspect took over. The Cognitive function was instant and that is key for a good morning workout and staying focused. After a few warm-up sets and a few working sets started to feel the Citrulline and pump kick in. The BA/Betaine recovery factors were pretty minimal throughout the workout, but the CM features were more pronounced in a larger dose. Since most items are under dosed at 1 scoop its hard to really give them good feedback due to not being in an adequate dose.


I decided to jump to 1.5 servings for a few reasons. One, being fed, the stim may not hit as hard, and two, this gives the product at a more reasonable dosage. Kicking up the CM/BA/Betaine and Creatine may aid a bit more than the regular 1 scoop. Energy/Focus wise this was still strong, nothing overpowering, and nothing that made me jitter throughout the workout. While my focus and energy never dropped, I still did not see much as far as recovery/endurance stands. Yes the pump was pretty decent on this with a strong CM dose, a small addition of Agmatine/glycerol would make this a complete pre-workout for the pump category.

I would imagine at 2 scoops this would be pretty potent. My stim tolerance is not that strong so it may blow me out of the water. Which is one of the resaons I would not want to venture that route. Not to mention I could possibly crash hard from the caffeine dose.

Overall this is a good pre-workout, a big step up with the open label, and much improved on proper dosing of ingredients at 2 scoops.



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