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Program Review: Beast Fitness 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Program

We were given the opportunity to review the Beast Fitness 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Program E Book created by Alex Kikel BS, NASM CPT, NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Level II.

As the title states, it is a 10 week daily undulating periodization program designed to elicit dramatic gains in muscular size/hypertrophy. You will need to know your 6, 10, or 20 RM for your main lifts, and a good amount of the program will revolve around working at near-maximal percentages of your 1RM. You will certainly improve slightly upon your 1RM but to be clear, this program is mostly geared toward shocking your body into growth through a precisely programmed 4 phase plan. The main difference between this DUP program and others is that others are geared toward pure strength gains which do not necessarily equate to hypertrophy, whereas this program is designed to spark muscle growth through the use of a variety of set and rep schemes.

The program is very well designed and clearly laid out in the E Book so there is literally no guess work involved. All you have to do is follow the template which does give the trainee many options when it comes to selecting the movements they wish to use. The effectiveness of the program more so lies within following the prescribed sets & reps and percentages through the 4 phases.

Here is a partial look at a sample week from the E Book

But anyone who really knows about muscle growth knows that training is only a piece of the puzzle. Alex's program goes a step further than most by including a precise and detailed nutrition and diet guideline to spark maximum muscle growth without adding extra body fat. The nutritional requirements change to accommodate the intensity of each given training phase.

It is recommended to follow the program for the prescribed ten weeks, the return to regular maintenance training for a period of time and repeat the program as needed for a maximum of three rotations (30 weeks) out of the year. You will gain a good amount of size and a decent amount of strength through one full year of utilIzing the program!

Here is what one Modern Athletic Health ambassador has to say about working with Alex:

"I've been using Alex as my online nutrition and training coach for almost a month. I've been following his DUP hypertrophy program as well. The main benefits from working with Alex is his response time and how much thought he puts into his clients for them to get the best results. I work night shift, so the only time I really send him questions and advice is at unusual times and he still seems to respond very quickly. I've been reverse dieting/bulking during this time and I've gone from 186 to 200 pounds while still staying lean and making gains in the gym. I would recommend his service as a coach to anyone who is really looking to dial in their diet and training. His DUP training program is very methodical and will deliver results if followed, even more so if you were to utilize his expertise in terms of proper diet and nutrition"

Visit for more information on his services and to purchase the 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Program.

Alex is available for online coaching and training or contest prep services. He provides top of the line training and nutritional programs backed by research and real-world application.

Be sure to mention Modern Athletic Health to receive a 10% discount off your first two months for his services. Also be sure to follow Beast Fitness on Facebook and YouTube.

Follow Modern Athletic Health on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to enter to win a free copy of the 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Program and optional 50% online personal training with Alex! Giveaway coming very shortly!



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