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The Best Post-Run Yoga Poses

You just got back from a long run. You are exhausted, sweaty and just want to take a shower and relax. But, before you do so, you definitely want to get in these stretches!

Below I have put together my top 4 picks for the absolute best post-run yoga stretches to ease your muscles and joints!

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose: Ardha Matsyendrasana

This twist opens up the shoulders and back, as well as stimulating organs such as the kidneys and liver. On the inhale lengthen your spine, and on the exhale twist your torso. Think about evenly distributing this twist rather than it all coming for the lower back. Hold for 1 minute and release gently, then swap sides.

Head To Knee Forward Bend: Janu Sirsasana

AKA sucky hamstring pose. Well, at least for me anyway. I always tell myself “embrace the suck”. That sort of helps. The key factors in this stretch are to lift your torso and square it up with your straightened leg. Keep that foot active (if you have knee injuries bend the straightened leg) and initiate the forward bend by keeping the heart centre lifted and spine long. Fold up a blanket to sit on or use a foam block to help keep you elevated. For extra comfort, wedge a pillow between your torso and your leg and aim to hold this pose for 5 minutes each leg.

Half Pigeon Pose: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

This pose is a deep and juicy hip opener. The main points to concentrate on in this pose is to keep your back leg parallel to your mat (or whatever reference you have) and to make sure your front bent leg is positioned at a suitable angle for your body. For more fire, you can slide the foot of your bent leg to be parallel with the front of your mat, and for less intensity, slide it back towards your hip. For the ultimate stretch, hold for 5 minutes.

Bound Angle Pose: Baddha Konasana

This pose stretches the inner thighs, groin and knees. Keep an upright torso as you hold your feet in as close to your pelvis as comfortably as you can. If you have tight hips, sitting on a blanket will make this pose less intense. Keep the edges of your feet firmly against the floor as you aim to lower your knees as close to the ground as possible. Stay here for 5 minutes.

It only takes a few minutes to do these yoga poses for recovery. Don’t miss out on their amazing benefits by skipping this step! Enjoy everyone!



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