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Product Review: ATP Nutrition 'Perform Kinetics'

We were given the opportunity to be one of the very first sites to review ATP Nutrition's new pre workout supplement Perform Kinetics™ in the Wildberry Fruit Punch Flavor.

The product is advertised to be an all-in-one clinically dosed pre workout that gives users explosive energy, skin-splitting pumps, long lasting endurance, and mind bending focus. There's a funny story about the last two that I will share later in this piece.

But first, the basics. As you can see from the ingredient label and doses, this product is in fact adequately dosed and broken down into each matrix so you know exactly what you're getting for the pumps, energy, focus, and endurance. I am a big fan of the inclusion of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) in the product, as research has shown synergy with the other pump ingredients in Perform Kinetics™. NAC is also a well known antioxidant and precursor to glutathione, which is very important when it comes to hard training athletes and muscle health. This product only gives about 1/3 of the daily amount one would need for glutathione boosting properties, but it is a solid and unique inclusion none the less and can replace a pre workout capsule if one is currently supplementing with additional NAC on a daily basis like I am. The pump I received from this product on several occasions did not disappoint and lasted about an hour and a half after the workout was over.

I also supplement with COP and taurine so I was happy to see the inclusion of a effective 2g dose of each in this product. COP is one of the most effective ingredients for myself when it comes endurance and work capacity. My time to fatigue is noticeably increases when I am using COP. From my experience, taurine also helps ease the "bad" energy from stimulants and keeps me nice and even, which is important when looking at the Synerstim Matrix in this product.

The Synerstim Matrix looks very strong, and it is. I am very stimulant tolerant, so this one full serving of this product treated me quite nicely for workouts lasting 1-1.5 hours. There was no headache or crash associated from the product. What I found to be very interesting and appealing was the focus and drive I got from this product. Usually after a workout, I am beat and ready to immediately go eat and refuel. It's not that my appetite was crushed from this product, but once I left the gym, I felt like I needed to accomplish something more! I decided to go impromptu Christmas shopping. This is the funny story I mentioned earlier. When I was walking through the crowded mall, I felt heightened focus and an extreme sense of purpose, like I was on a mission, weaving in and out of dazed and confused consumers dragging their feet from store front to store front; I felt like a running back weaving my way through defenders on the football field. One woman working in a bath and body store said hi to me when I walked in and said "it looks like you know exactly what you're looking for, but do you need help?" I actually had no idea what I was going to get in there and was just browsing, so obviously the focus factor of this product is quite intense in and out of the gym!

As for the flavor, Wildberry Fruit Punch. This was the biggest surprise for me, as it didn't taste much like that at all. To me, it tasted like tart apple juice. It was not at all sweet, in a good way. I didn't really pick up on any fruit punch, and only a little berry undertone. I enjoyed the taste, it just wasn't at all what I expected from the name. The product mixed very clean and easy. No clumping/grit or residue in my mixer bottle. The product was consumed 35 minutes before my workout and as mentioned, the pumps and energy/focus lasted an entire 1.5 hour workout, plus 1.5 hours of Christmas shopping.

I give the product a 5/5.

Pumps ✔️

Energy ✔️

Focus ✔️

Endurance ✔️

Taste and mixability ✔️

For a $32.99 price point, you will get 20 workouts at one scoop and 40 workouts at half a scoop. Considering the clinical dosages of the ingredients and their cost as stand alone supplements, this is definitely a very fair price.

Perform Kinetics™ is currently available through the manufacturer website at



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