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Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too This Holiday Season with EvoMuse Defuse

EvoMuse Defuse is an Innovative Fat Gain Inhibiting Supplement

The feeding of Calories into the system known as the Human Body, and where those Calories finally

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end up, is a highly complex process. A number of sensing and processing pathways are put into play, each dealing with different nutrients (fat, carbs, etc), that either direct nutrients to be used as fuel, or stored as fat. The fat storage pathways are numerous but, lucky for us, they can be manipulated, and even inhibited, leaving potential fat stores circulating in the body to be burned for metabolic fuel.

We can’t always remain perfectly strict on our diets (and let’s be honest-- who wants to?) so for those times when we need a break, or simply cannot prep our meals and control our food intake how we would like to, enter Defuse.

Defuse is perfect for many circumstances including, but not limited to:

•Muscle gaining cycles / Bulking Cycles where excess calories are needed for growth and you wish to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum

•Large holiday meals and parties filled with rich foods and sugary alcoholic beverages

•Vacations filled with unknown food items and limited abilities to exercise

•For your occasional or weekly cheat meal

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The Defuse formula helps to prevent fat gain by preventing the mechanisms for fat storage from working optimally, leaving the body with no choice but to burn that fat away.

Defuse gives us a much-needed tool for physique enhancement. Defuse helps prevent fat gain that happens with occasional caloric surplus (vacation and Holidays), and short burst muscle gaining cycles. Incorporating Defuse strategically as directed will minimize fat gain and help to maintain your much-desired leanness.

Psychologically and emotionally we need time off, and often that time off involves eating and drinking large meals with friends and family. While we want and need to participate, we can often find our fitness-related goals compromised.

With Defuse, you no longer have to choose between enjoying food and the holidays, or keeping your 6 pack abs. Defuse the situation by using 4 caps 30 minutes prior to meals 2-3 meals per day and carry on worry free!

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