Supplement Review: Athletix Ergonine

Athletix Sports- Ergonine- one of the most comprehensive pre workout and ergogenic formulas available on the market today. One of our site ambassadors was given the opportunity to use this product for an extended period of time while cutting weight and bodyfat.

Flavor: Nanaberry

Taste: I've never tried a supplement that had a banana berry flavor before this but I can say that the Athletix team did a great job on the flavoring. Even with the 9 ingredients in there at their clinical dose you'd still be able to enjoy this.

Mix ability: This product mixes very well, I use about 20 ounces of water when I mix it. There aren't floaters in the bottom of the shaker but I do like to mix the liquid up after every few sips.

Effectiveness: This product contains calcium,creatine anhydrous, Betaine anhydrous, l-arginine, glutamine, l carnitine, HICA, choline and ferulic acid. 9 total ingredients, 9 of which will directly increase your ability to improve and progress in the gym. With everything being clinically dosed. For me I've been using this for about a month, I've been using it for my cut. I can say that even on low carbs this product has not only helped me lose fat( from 205 to 187) but also I've gotten stronger! With most of the ingredients being staple supplements for a lot of people I can understand how this has been selling so well and I have already stocked up for a few months worth.

Cost: If you buy each tub individually it comes to be $1 per day, which is an amazing price for a product like this. If you buy 6 tubs it drops lower and if you buy 9 it comes to cost near nothing per serving.

I would suggest this to anyone who is wanting to improve lifts in the gym, look better and all and all feel better.

This supplement gets a 10/10 in terms of effectiveness,flavor, taste and mix ability.

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