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Product Review: Performax Labs SlinMax

One of our testers was given the opportunity to use the new Performax Labs GDA SlinMax for a full month.

Writeup from

SlinMax is definitely not your average muscle builder and is unique in its ability to work with the most anabolic hormone in your body, Insulin. SlinMax works as an insulin mimetic while also boosting insulin production and increasing insulin sensitivity. Insulin is high synergistic with Androgens, Growth Hormone, IGF and other hormones that effect muscle growth and through this synergism SlinMax can have extremely impressive effects on muscle growth, size, vascularity and even weight loss!


is a salt form or R-ALA that drastically increases both stability and absorption and is known for its effects as a nutrient partitioner. Na-R-ALA is not only a very potent anti-oxidant it also is great at lowering blood glucose and increasing muscle glycogen storage through its ability to recruit glucose transporter GLUT-4!


is incredibly well known for its ability to increase Nitric Oxide and enhance the 'pump' but what most don't know is that Agmatine can also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. It is believe Agmatine can promote the release of b-endorphin that can remove glucose from the blood and increase its storage in muscle tissue producing muscular fullness and nutrient uptake!

Berberine HCL

is a very exciting compound as there is solid human evidence proving its efficiency and ability to increase glucose disposal. Berberine has the unique effect of increasing AMPK, short for AMP Activated Protein Kinase which regulates insulin and glucose transport. When AMPK is activated glucose can be taken up into muscle cells through GLUT-4 transporter.

Banaba(2% Corosolic Acid)

is synergistic with Berberine with its ability to also increase GLUT-4 translocation and glucose uptake. However Corsolic Acid also may have the unique ability to act as an agonist of the insulin receptor, directly activating the insulin receptor itself. Banaba extract is also included in this product as it seems to contain compounds that may reduce fat cell proliferation thereby allowing SlinMax to have a more direct effect on muscle tissue and reduce the risk of fat gain.


is a natural constituent of Trigeonella Seed, also known as Fenugreek. Fenugreek is well known for its effects on Testosterone production however it's also been shown 4-hydroxyisoluecine, almost soley found in Fenugreek, can increase insulin secretion and help reduce blood glucose levels. As well it can help regulate healthy glucose metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity as well as post-meal glucose tolerance!

Black Pepper Extract

is known for its ability to inhibit enzymes that could degrade or breakdown certain compounds. Black Pepper Extract was included to increase bioavailability of co-ingested ingredients and specifically help the proper absorption of ingredients like Berberine, leading to a greater effect and less side effects associated with poor intestinal uptake.

Our Review

Our tester indicated the following; dosing was 1 capsule 20 minutes before meals containing 10-25g carbohyrdate and 2 capsules 20 minutes before meals containing 50-100g carbhohydrate:

  • Great overnight leaning effect with a one capsule dose at bed time as well as improved sleep quality

  • Muscles felt and looked fuller around the clock, even while fasting (intermittent fasting protocol)

  • Noticeable leaning effect through the course of usage with no training changes or calorie reduction, in fact, the tester was able to add carbs to his diet with no negative effects regarding body fat gain

  • Tester managed to lose 2 pounds with no visible changes in the mirror, indicated some leaning out in the midsection and love handle area

  • Immediate increase in vascularity with food intake

  • Strong thermogenic effect of food from the first dose which decreased with regular use of the product

  • On several occasions, the tester could not eat within 20-30 minutes of taking the dose and experienced some low blood sugar side effects like light headedness and lethargy, which subsided once he ate

  • Great for Intermittent fasting protocol / large meals. Slinmax seems to dramatically decrease post meal bloating and anecdotally to expedite digestion/nutrient absorption

Price point:

This product is a great value considering the non prop blend ingredient list. Purchasing the ingredients in bulk would be considerably more costly than purchasing this product. At 2-4 capsules per day, the bottle will last 30-60 days making this a great value.

Other notes:

  • Users sensitive to fenugreek may want to stick with lower doses (1-3 capsules daily as needed) to avoid side effects

  • The most notable effect for our tester was the muscle fullness that occurred during a meal and on off days, indicating effectiveness regarding nutrient partitioning effects and increased recovery / muscle growth

  • When the user took the bed time dose he indicated he would sometimes wake up looking flat the morning after hard training sessions and low amount of carbs that day. So we suggest only utilizing a bed time dose after a high carb day


This is certainly a product we can get behind and feel confident recommending to others and using ourselves. It is effective and priced very fairly. Our tester's results were very impressive for a relatively short time frame of use and the product can be used year round based on your goals due versatile dosing. With extended use, we feel this product could certainly assist users in adding lean muscle and/or reducing body fat based on goals and training and diet.

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