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Product Review: Paleo Passion Pops

We were given the opportunity to give Paleo Passion Pops a try, and wow, we were not disappointed!

Paleo Passion Pops are a revolutionary new product in the frozen food category that combines highly nutritious superfoods such as chia seeds, flax seeds, kale, spinach, green tea, and pomegranite with all natural fruit juices and puree's to create an extraordinarly healthy and tasty frozen treat. The pops are made with no added sugar and range from only 60 to 90 calories per pop. They are verified Non-GMO, Kosher, Paleo, and Vegan friendly and contain zero artificial ingredients or added colors/flavors. To top it all off, they are 100% free of dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy.

Here is what our testers had to say:

"I was very excited to get to sample and try these popsicles. I have a sweet tooth, and a toddler. So, anything that can satisfy both without any added sugars or additives is already a winner in my book.

Apple Crisp with Flaxseed - This was the first one I went for. It is full of flavor. To me, it tastes just like apple cider. It is the perfect fall treat. This popsicle has a lovely apple cinnamon taste. It is not bitter, nor does it have an after taste. This one was a favorite for the whole house!! Also, at only 70 calories it is very diet friendly.

Chocolate Passion - These were so tasty. A very present chocolate flavor...that is just perfect for the sweet tooth or chocolate lover. I found these tasted very similar to the Fudgesicles...but not quite at sweet. I feel like I can definitely indulge in these guilt free. At only 60 calories, these are just right for pleasing my late night sweets craving without killing my calories or macros for the day.

Orange Mango with Chia Seed - My 2.5 year old was the first to try these. He loves all things orange and/or mango. His words..."delicious, Mommy." I have to agree. I love that these taste like real fruit...nothing artificial. This is clearly because there are no artificial additives, but it is so nice and refreshing to have a treat that is actually good for you. These are only 60 calories per pop.

Blueberry Pomegranate with Green Tea and Spinach - Another awesome tasting popsicle that is good for you. I found the blueberry & green teas were more prominent as front flavors and the pomegranate was more of a back flavor/after taste. These are another favorite of my toddler. I am happy to let him have them too, as they are good for him. These sit at 90 calories per popsicle...the highest out of the 6 I sampled, but still well within reason for most people following any type of meal plan.

Pineapple Ginger with Chia Seed - As a ginger lover and getting it in the form of a sweet treat very spouse went for these first. He loved them. These are, probably, by far his favorite. I, on the other-hand am not a huge fan of ginger outside of certain hot dishes. So, these are particularly my favorite, but they are still very refreshing and at only 70 calories are still a great option for a cool treat.

Strawberry Passion with Flax Seed - This was the second flavor I tried. Again, it was so refreshing for the popsicle to taste like real fruit. These are a bit tart, but I like that about them. They taste like fresh strawberries...which when not overripe have a nice sweet and tart balance. These popsicles have the exact same. I often reach for these when I'm wanting something just a little sweet, but nice and cool and refreshing. These are only 70 calories too!!!!

Overall -

We make our own popsicles at home a lot in the summer. So, it is hard to purchase anything that satisfies the desire for a treat without being full of sugar or tasting completely artificial. However, the Paleo Passion Popsicles do just that. We are actually planning our first order. It will be nice to have these on hand during the cooler months, when fresh fruits are as available in good quantities in stores."

Amber- North Carolina

"Over the past couple of weeks I've been lucky enough to be able to try out the selection of products from Paleo Passion Foods thanks to being an ambassador for Modern Athletic Health. These popsicles taste amazing and my girlfriend and I have enjoyed them very much. They don't have any added sugar and the ingredient list on them is made up of around 5 to 6 ingredients which are all natural. My favorite was the green passion flavor which is made up of water,peach purée, pear juice, pineapple juice, spinach powder, kale powder, guar gum and green tea powder, with no added sugar whatsoever. If you enjoy ice cream or Popsicles and are looking for a very healthy alternative give these a shot. The flavors are Green Passion, Apple Crisp, Strawberry Passion, Blueberry Pomegranate, Chocolate Passion, Pinapple Ginger and last but not least Orange Mango. Every popsicle has 90 or less calories and were perfect for me post workout."

Matt- Georgia

"All I can say is WOW!! These are amazing! I have one on most of my higher carb days! They taste like puréed fruit, frozen into a wonderful little treat! The strawberry passion is my favorite but that's because strawberries are my favorite fruit! All of the flavors are fantastic!!

Now there's no excuse for processed snacks! Paleo Passion Foods makes it easy to get healthy treats you truly enjoy!" Kat- South Carolina

"I enjoyed every single flavor of ice pop. My favorite one was the Apple Crisp. Even though there is no added sugar, they all still tasted sweet but are healthy too. I mostly had one when ever I wanted something sweet to

eat but not splurge on candy. They ranged between 60-90 calories which is perfect if you aren't trying to eat too much or you don't want anything heavy to snack on. I personally would recommend this to anyone looking for something to snack on that is guilt free and low on calories.

Christian- North Carolina

With over 7 different flavors, Paleo Passion Pops are one sweet treat you can feel extremely good about giving your family and yourself! Paleo Passion Pops are available for delivery to your door with online purchases at and their website also has a store locator for purchase at your local grocery store.



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