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Strength & Conditioning for MMA Fighters

A long time ago we watched epic fights with gladiators. They got tired but kept fighting as if they were giving their last ounce of energy and life to get the win.

MMA is the closest sport to that today. Every single day new camps, strategies, and training methods are brought to light

regarding MMA training. So if everybody is training and evolving, if everybody is close to the perfection at the highest level of fighting, what can decide a fight? What is the key difference between two fighters, giving one the win, and the other the loss?

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, MMA Coach and Fighter’s Strength and Conditioning coach. I have studied for a long time what I could do to put fighters at the TOP. The best way I have found is prepare the fighter to fight the whole fight with the same energy from the 1st minute until the last. This is the key.

Lets talk about what I called the “key”. The key is in the methodolgy of the training.

If my athlete hurts during a strength and conditioning session he won’t be ready to fight, right?

To make my athletes ready and make sure they won’t hurt during my sessions, I normally don’t use machines. I don’t use regular gym workouts like we saw many years ago. We are not dealing with bodybuilders or physique competitors, we are talking about MMA Fighters, so the strength and conditioning obviously needs to be specific for MMA.

I use all valences we have in the training like strength, power, agility, balance, speed, flexibility, resistance, but these skills are all used differently in MMA than traditional sports.

We need to use ALL of them at the same time and during the whole training routine and fight. How can we do this?

This is a topic for my next article, but I can say that the MMA strength and conditioning is really different than any other sport and any other training plan if you want to be the best and if you want to be a winner. Be sure to follow closely and look out for my next piece here soon.



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