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Product Review: Born In Brooklyn Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salts

We were given the opportunity to test out Born in Brooklyn Skincare Dead Sea Peppermint Bath Salt. You may be thinking "bath salts on a health and fitness website?" YES! Bath salts. But why?

High quality Bath Salts have been shown to relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, improve circulation, aid in metabolism, and improve recovery from intense workouts, among many other benefits. This particular bath salt is comprised of 21 naturally occurring minerals and made of 100% Israeli Dead Sea salt. The ingredients as listed on the container include:

•100% Israeli Dead Sea salt


•Sweet Almond Oil

•Avocado Oil

For use, we put two modest cap fulls into the tub and filled with the hottest water we could stand. Interestingly enough, the peppermint nature of the salt allowed us to use slightly hotter water than our normal baths, as this particular product gives a very nice cooling and slight analgesic effect on the skin. Our soaks lasted about 20 minutes each and we got 5 baths out of this amount of salt.

The smell of salt is nothing short of amazing. Where other bath salt products can have an over powering scent that gives you a headache or smells very artificial, this product is pleasant, not overbearing, and has a very natural scent to it.

One interesting thing to note with these bath salts is that we seemed to sweat much more than with other products or no bath salt. This indicates a good amount of detoxifying occurring.

The soak left us feeling very relaxed and revitalized, and made our skin feel fresh and soft. Initially it felt as though our skin would be oily after the bath, but it most certainly wasn't.

The best effect of this product, especially from an athletic standpoint is the pain relief. We took the bath before bed on all occasions after hard workouts. The analgesic cooling effect mentioned earlier in the article lasted for about 40 minutes following the bath which was especially helpful when getting right into bed, the time most typically when pain and leg restlessness is most noticeable in athletes. This cooling effect was mild enough not to be a distraction, yet effective to be very helpful in allowing for relaxation and pain relief. For those of you who are like us and don't like OTC NSAID's or pain creams filled with chemicals, we highly recommend this product for relaxation and pain relief.

Born in Brooklyn Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak is available for purchase on along with many other natural facial and body care products.



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