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Introducing ATP Nutrition and New Pre-Workout 'Perform Kinetics'

Here is a first look at the label and ingredient profile of new supplement company ATP Nutrition's Pre Workout 'Perform Kinetics' along with a direct message from the companies website.

We are very excited to be having the opportunity to be one of the first review sites to try out this incredibly well put together formula. The standards and quality of which ATP Nutrition adheres to is sure to be industry-changing for competitors and consumers.

ATP Nutrition Mission Statement direct from

"At Aspire. Train. Perform. we believe in the human spirit. Made up of firefighters, veterans, college students and graduates, we're here to help people, plain and simple. We believe in fueling the dreams of others while striving to achieve our own. Aspire. Train. Perform. serves as a pillar for those that Aspire to achieve greatness on a personal level within their sport or lives, or on a grander scale.

We understand that greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Greatness takes practice; it takes waking up when it’s still dark out, staying up late while everyone else is sleeping, it takes days of running on empty with little sleep, trying to sneak in your fourth meal on a 15 minute break during your 16 hour work day and still forcing yourself to get your training in!

We understand that to make dreams once thought impossible a reality, we have to Train constantly to perfect even the smallest details to reach our goals. We understand the sacrifice that comes with such a high level of dedication. We understand the level of commitment involved in Aspiring to become the best and strongest version of yourself day in and day out.

How do we understand this? ATP is made up of individuals making the same sacrifices. When you’re up at night tirelessly trying to hone in on your craft, we’re up with you doing the same. While you’re in the gym amping yourself up to try and beat your last personal best, we are too! ATP lives this lifestyle and for us, like you, this isn’t a hobby, this isn’t a once a week thing. This is life.

This is what we do, we Aspire to get better and better every day, physically, aesthetically, intellectually, and mentally. We Train with tenacity to be able to Perform at our peak when our time comes, and by living the ATP lifestyle we KNOW that our time will come, as will yours! Will you be ready? Team ATP will be.

We’re here to provide the entire fitness industry with products that work, products that are dosed properly, are worth the money spent on them, and are completely transparent, meaning no proprietary blends ever, no matter what. For us this isn’t a get rich quick endeavor, but rather an expression of the passion that we as a whole have for the health and fitness industry.

Health and fitness, as a lifestyle, has changed millions of lives, ours included, which is why we are so passionate about what we do. Aspire. Train. Perform. is not here to put generic products on the market, slap a price tag on them and reap the rewards. We are here to provide everyone that works hard for their money with products that are worthy of the money earned during their long days on the job. Aspire. Train. Perform. Nutrition is simply one piece of the puzzle. Together, we at Aspire. Train. Perform., have set out on a mission to transform the lives of people within their work lives, personal lives, educational pursuits, and health and fitness goals.

For us, the mission is clear, concise and simple:

We are here to make a difference. We are here to be a part of changing lives. We are here to do right by our consumers, future consumers, and non-consumers alike. We are here to set the precedent that the consumer deserves to have the option to purchase from a company that isn’t out to line their pockets but rather to operate with the consumer in mind every step of the way."



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