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THE BIG 4-0! Tips for Fitness at 40 as a College Football Coach

Last Friday I turned 40 Years old. With being in the middle of our football season I barely even celebrate my birthday. It is usually just another day at the office trying to prepare for the next game. However this birthday was different. 40 is a big number for me as it is for many people. I had always set my professional and personal goals around the age of 40. I have reached some of those goals both personally and professionally but I never thought about my fitness goals once I hit this milestone.

To start off my first day of turning 40, I did ten sets of ten rep squats! I started it off with a bang and I will talk about that workout in my upcoming articles here on When I was approached to contribute to Modern Athletic Health I thought this would be a great subject to introduce myself with and share some things I have done in the past.

My Fitness consists of the following five categories: Rest, Nutrition, Training, Maintenance, and Motivation. I honestly consider these five categories of equal importance. I want to break the categories down in a simple manner and then throughout future articles I will elaborate more specifically.

Here is my recipe to stay in great shape well past my 40th birthday as a college football coach:


Get at least seven hours of sleep a night. If you do this you will allow your body to recover and be alert and ready to go in the morning. Active rest is critical as well. Go for a light jog or ride the elliptical or bike for 30 minutes on your off day to get your heart rate up. Take at least one day off where you do not do any exercise! (There are exceptions to this rule when you are talking about certain shock programs)


Eat as many fruits and vegetable as you can. Stay away from the processed food. Eat as much food as you can in its natural state. If you have trouble eating fruits and vegetables, buy the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet has changed my life. Four years ago I started making a shake in the morning with REAL FRUITS and VEGETABLES. I try to have at least one and most days I have two. These drinks will give me 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables in one 16 ounce drink. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they do not taste that greatest but they get the job done when it comes to supplying essential amounts of vitamins and minerals for energy and health support. The most noticeable benefit from these real fruit and veggie drinks is when I wake up in the morning and go downstairs, my joints do not feel hurt anymore! The only other supplements I take is BCAA’s and Whey protein. I take half the recommended dosage of a multi-vitamin as well. I take half because if you are eating a proper diet of whole foods AND drinking the fruit and veggie shakes like I do, a half dose of a quality multi-vitamin is more than enough to cover your daily needs.

Training Program

Train every body part equally. I break down my training into four sections: Push, Pulls, Legs and Core.

Multi-Joint movements are my staple. Squat, Deadlift, Pull-Ups, Rows, Chest Press, Overhead Press and various core exercises are included in my weekly program. You do not have to be in the gym for 90 minutes or two hours to get a good workout. One hour with a warm-up is the perfect time frame. I lift 3 times a week in-season and 4 times a week in the off-season.


Train with other people. I train with my wife or a friend who is over a decade younger than me. If I have to train alone I write down what I am going to do before I get there. Once you write it down you MUST do it! If you are sluggish look up motivational videos on YouTube. You will feel like you can run through a wall if you find the right video!


I stretch every time I work out and often at night. I foam roll almost every day! If you do not have a foam roller spend $20 and buy one. They are a life saver! Lastly go to the doctor if something is wrong. If you have a tear or bad strain, it is not going to go away if you continue to train. Get it looked at! Also, If you can get a massage or see an active release therapist once a week do it! It will help keep your muscles and connective tissues healthy which is vital for overal health and proper functioning of your metabolism and other vital processes within the body.

These tips are just a brief overview of how I stay in shape and healthy at 40 in the hectic profession of being a college football coach. For anyone who works long, stressful hours, these can be incredibly helpful and life changing. Be sure to check back to frequently for more in depth articles on the categories discussed in this introductory piece!



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