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Supplement Review: APS Mesomorph

One of our site ambassadors was given the opportunity to review the pre workout APS Mesomorph:

Smell: the initial smell of the powder I got was a nice, subtle lemon.

Powder: the powder was fine, zero clumps.

Mix-ability: this pre workout mixed perfectly. I didn't even use a shaker, I put 12oz of water in a glass and put 3/4 scoop (11.5 grams) into the cup and about 95% of it was mixed instantly. After a couple mixes with a spoon it was ready with zero residue or grit.

Taste: The flavor that I have is the limited edition "Pink Lemonade". The initial taste reminded me of fresh lemonade. The company did a very good job with flavoring. The after taste was a fruity lemon taste which is nice.


5 minutes in- slight beta alanine tingles/slight focus(In one full scoop there's 4000 mg of beta alanine, with the 3/4 a scoop I had taken about 3 grams of BA)

15 minutes: By this time I was putting on my shoes and walking out the door, the focus was setting in on the way to the gym. By the time I got to the gym(20 minutes after drinking) I fe

el like it was about 80% kicked in.

After my first few warm up sets, I was in the zone. With this product being advertised as one without caffeine I was VERY impressed with the amount of energy I got from it. As my workout continued my rest periods got shorter and my weights kept going up. The pump I got was intense from the few supersets that were done towards the end. My body tends to respond well to nitrates and this product does have a nice dose of creatine nitrate in it.

My workout went strong for about an hour and 45 minutes. Compared to other pre workouts that after 45 minutes wear off and focus/energy is no longer there, this doesn't happen with Mesomorph.

If you're looking for a pre workout that not only gives you a boost in energy but will also help with performance and focus then this is one that I highly suggest.

My rating for this product would be a 9/10. The reason why it's not a 10/10 is because for someone who would be working out late at night or before bed I could see this keeping you up late and interrupting your sleep.



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