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What's New with Kettle and Fire?

We are super excited to announce that one of our m favorite bone broth companies, Kettle & Fire, is back with some brand new broths and soups! Kettle and Fire never really left, in fact, they’ve been pumping out carton after carton of new flavors, recipes, and products since we last reviewed them in 2017. As for what Kettle & Fire looks like now, well, they’ve set their sites on more flavors, more nutrition, and have expanded their line to reach the low-carb eaters of the world! In this review, we’re going to touch on what has changed with Kettle & Fire as well as our review on a sample 6-pack of some new faces and old favorites they sent us! Whether you’re a lover of bone broth for its deep wholesome nutrition, or you’re just a fan of delicious soups and broths, keep reading below to find out why you need to get some Kettle & Fire in your pantry today!

What’s new with Kettle and Fire: It’s been over two years since we last reviewed Kettle & Fire and their bone broth! They originally started with just a few flavors of bone broth, and while we enjoyed trying their chicken and beef flavors, we knew they’d grow into something much more. In a little over two years they’ve nearly quintupled their product line, now totaling 16 products; 7 flavored bone broths, 5 varieties of soups, and 4 Keto Soups. All of their soups, Keto and Original, contain their famous bone broth blend, ensuring you're getting a full flavored and highly nutritious, collagen filled, vitamin and mineral packed meal with every serving.

Let’s take a look at what products and flavors they offer in each category!

• Beef- A bone broth made in the USA with grass-fed cow bones, apple cider vinegar, and only organic ingredients.

• Chicken- Rich, slow-simmered chicken bone broth made with organic free-range bones and organic vegetables.

• Turmeric Ginger- Combines the zesty flavor of chicken bone broth with organic ginger and fresh ground turmeric root for mouth watering anti-inflammatory support.

• Mushroom Chicken- Earthy, slow-simmered mushroom chicken bone broth made with organic free-range bones, organic portabella and lion's mane mushrooms.

• Lemongrass Ginger Pho- Perfectly suited to those with more exotic palettes, the lemongrass ginger blend gives you the zest of beef bone broth, and the light, veggie-rich notes of classic Vietnamese pho.

• Chipotle Beef- Their classic beef bone broth, upgraded with organic chipotle chile, organic bay leaves, organic thyme, organic rosemary, organic roasted garlic, and organic smoked tomato paste.

• Coconut Curry- Fatty coconut coats the tongue with light sweetness and spicy classic Thai curry spice. The only bone broth in the world that contains fat.

• Miso- Rich, deep, and satisfying, the miso soup is a comforting blend of beef and vegetable flavors. Imagine the sweet and tangy taste of your favorite soup from an Asian restaurant, infused with slow-simmered bone broth that takes the entire dish to a new level of savory.

• Butternut Squash- By cooking organic winter butternut squash puree alongside coconut milk and chicken bone broth, they have created a soup that’s yummy and perfect for anyone looking to support optimal digestion.

• Creamy Tomato- Organic tomato puree with coconut milk and chicken bone broth to take this classic soup to a collagen-filled flavor zenith you need to taste to believe.

• Chili with Beans- Gradd-fed ground beef, red kidney beans, a robust mixture of spices, and smoky beef bone broth; the result is the most flavorful version of this timeless classic that you’ve ever tasted.

• Thai Curry- Real chunks of organic chicken, a medley of Asian spices, a full serving of chicken bone broth, and a hearty splash of coconut milk round out this satisfying soup that leaves you smiling long after it’s gone.

• Broccoli Cheddar- Kicks off with the flavor of perfectly aged sharp cheddar, sprinkles in chunks of organic broccoli, and finishes with a full serving of chicken bone broth for a collagen upgrade to this classic dish.

• Mushroom Bisque- Pairs the classic chicken bone broth with an organic buttery mushroom blend, plus aromatics like onions and garlic to create a creamy, delicious go-to on nights when you need something different.

• Butter Curry- A decadent “fat bomb” swirling together chicken bone broth, masala curry, coconut cream and grass-fed butter for a delicious, authentic, keto-upgraded classic Indian soup.

Whatever your palate craves, Kettle & Fire has a product to fit everyone’s taste buds!

What we tried: While we can’t wait to try Kettle & Fire’s entire product line, we had to “settle” for a wonderful care package of their top-rated products from their line. We got to sample a variety of bone-broths and even one of their Keto Soups!

Check out our thoughts below on the various products we were able to try!

• Classic Beef Bone Broth- Just as we remember it! The beef bone broth is a hearty, full-bodied broth with a deep rich flavor. Think of the drippings left over from a delicious beef roast mixed with a variety of vegetables that pair perfectly. This broth is perfect for sipping cold or at room temperature, but flavors really stand out when heated up and sipped. Also makes for a great base with a variety of beef cuts and thick noodles!

• Classic Chicken bone Broth- The reason we fell in love with Kettle & Fire to begin with, their chicken bone broth. The classic chicken broth is light on the chicken flavor and heavier on the vegetables it’s paired with. Our favorite sipping broth, it works well hot or cold, as well as a great soup base for many different meats, vegetables and noodles.

• Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth- As a newer flavor, we went into this one with no preconceived notions. Every sip is a rush of mushroom flavor that isn’t overpowering but stands out over the vegetables and chicken broth it is paired with. There are bits of mushroom pieces within the broth and it makes for a great broth served hot. While we did sample the broth cold and at room temperature, the added bits definitely make this perfect as a soup base or served on a cold day for a perfect comfort food.

• Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth- This was another truly decadent flavor. The “zip” from the ginger pairs perfectly with the spice from the turmeric to create a flavor tasty enough for the pickiest palate! By itself, this is one of the most flavorful soups we’ve ever had. Combined with strips of beef or shredded chicken and some cilantro to make this a go-to any day of the week!

• Coconut Curry Lime Bone Broth- This is one of the only flavors that we would say HAS to be warmed up before consuming. If not, you’re going to be chewing through small chunks of coconut and more than likely missing out on the wonderful combined flavor. This was the thickest of the bone broths that we had tried and another rich flavor. This is the perfect broth for those who like a little spice, a little sweet, and a hint of tropical. Mixes perfectly with any type of noodle and literally any type of meat!

• Broccoli Cheddar Bone Broth Soup- Quite possibly the most unique product of any sent to us. If you’ve had broccoli cheddar soup before, you know it is often thick, creamy, loaded with cheese and other goodies. We knew going into the review that it probably wouldn’t be as thick and have as many chunks, however the most notable aspect was its strong bone broth flavor as well as being a lot thinner than we imagined. The flavor itself was great but it was not as creamy and rich as we expected. Still a delicious twist on a classic soup!

Price Point: Kettle & Fire do have some current deals, as well as some subscriber deals, they offer for their products. Additionally, when you use the code modernathletichealth at checkout you can save 20% off all orders! Their current line offers 2 base prices per carton; $7.99 for their bone broths and select soups (Butternut Squash, Creamy tomato, Miso) and $8.49 for their heartier soups (Chili with Beans and Thai Curry) and Keto soups. You can order cartons in quantities of a 6-pack, 12-pack, and 18-pack, or try their Keto Soup Bundle (8 packs) or Beef and Chicken Bundle (8 packs). The larger pack that you purchase, the more you save per carton, with 12-pack orders saving you about 5% a carton and 18-pack saving you around 10% a carton! They are also offering a monthly subscription savings which will get you 20% off whichever pack you order when it’s delivered monthly. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on their product, if you sign up for their email list, you will receive a code for 10% off your first order too! And let’s not forget, they still stand by their 100% money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love the products.

Our Thoughts: The only thing that has changed since our initial review of Kettle & Fire is how much more we love their bone broth and all of the new options. With the addition of their flavored bone broths, specialty soups, and Keto soups, Kettle and Fire has something for everyone. Aside from them emphasizing the organic ingredients in their products, Kettle & Fire also:

• Use Grass Fed or Free-Range bones

• Use Gluten Free ingredients

• Are Whole30 Approved

• Are Certified Paleo

• NON-GMO Project Certified

• Offer Dairy Free and Low-carb (Keto) options

Couple these factors with their 20+ hour roasting and simmering process and you have the most delicious and nutrient dense bone broth on the market! Whether you’re using the product as a soup base, a sipping broth, or a standalone meal, Kettle & Fire’s versatility are second to none. If you STILL haven’t tried their bone broths or soups, we suggest heading over to and pick up a bundle or make yourself a variety pack to try. Or, if you’re just curious about the benefits of bone broth and how you can reap the benefits of something so simple and tasty, head over to to find out which bone broth is right for you! We’re excited to see what else Kettle & Fire brings to the table in 2020 and cannot wait to get our hands on and try the remaining products on the line. If you want a simple, delicious way to start taking your health back in 2020, look no further than Kettle & Fire.



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