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SNS Thermagize XT Review

There has been a ton of recent buzz around Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) newest all-in-one fat burner Thermagize XT. SNS is known for their extensive product line, single ingredient products, and cutting-edge formulations-- exactly what Thermagize XT embodies. The hype surrounding Thermagize XT is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time after SNS declared this as the strongest single capsule product on the market today! Of course, with the hype being this immense around a product made by SNS, you know we had to get our hands on a bottle to try for ourselves. This 10-ingredient formulation has 5 patented and clinically dosed ingredients including some of our favorites — Dynamine and TeaCrine. So, let’s-not draw this out any longer, we’re going to give you the full breakdown of Thermagize XT’s ingredient profile as well as their EXTREMELY affordable price point and our thoughts on the product.

Ingredient Profile:

Caffeine Anhydrous- 160mg: What would a thermogenic fat burner be without adding in caffeine? We already know caffeine is a staple in fat burners due to its ability to increase thermogenesis. Aside from that, you have its workout enhancing properties, improvements in performance, cognition, mood enhancements, and of course, energy. Caffeine also pairs rather well with the ingredients listed below and at 160mg a capsule it’s an ideal amount for those who like to get caffeine from their daily cup of coffee or pre workout drinks!

Dynamine (Methylliberine)- 125mg: Dynamine is a patented ingredient created by Compound Solutions that is thought of as a faster acting version of Teacrine (Theacrine). Dynamine works through similar mechanisms as Theacrine and caffeine but the effects vary. Where caffeine and Theacrine give you long lasting energy, Dynamine is thought of as a quick hitter without the crash. It offers benefits such as increased energy, elevated mood, improved focus, and improved synergy with caffeine with one major difference; its noticeable within just 15 minutes after supplementing! Not only does it hit quick, but it doesn’t cause an elevation in heart rate or blood pressure, ultimately leaving you with a massive boost of energy without the jitters. Not to mention coupling this with ingredients such as caffeine and TeaCrine only enhance the effects of Dynamine!

Infinergy (DiCaffeine Malate)- 100mg: On the opposite side of Dynamine, Infinergy or DiCaffeine Malate as it’sknown in the scientific world, is a buffered form of caffeine that when bound to a malic acid, slows down the digestion and is much milder to caffeine anhydrous. While the effects are similar (energy, mood elevation, focus, thermogenesis, etc.) Infinergy has the ability to prolong those effects without worrying about the dreaded caffeine crash. Although it is dosed a little lower than most Infinergy ingredients we have seen, we understand that less is more in this case, especially with 3 other stimulant ingredients over 100mg in Thermagize XT!

TeaCrine (Theacrine)- 100mg: So, we have your regular caffeine, your Dynamine for the quick burst, your Infinergy for long lasting energy, why the heck would we need TeaCrine? Answer: Because it makes everything better! Possibly the most synergistic ingredient on the market today, TeaCrine not only provides a long-lasting stimulant effect, mood elevation, mental focus, and other cognitive benefits, but it also ENHANCES the ingredients its s paired with! That’s right, as if the stimulants weren’t enough, TeaCrine enhances the positive effects associated with stimulants and everything else in Thermagize XT.

Before we go any further: it is worth noting that there is roughly 485mg of stimulants in one capsule of Thermagize XT. While the stimulants are manipulated in a way to give you a quick burst, and long-lasting energy, we recommend you stick to the directions and trying 1 capsule first to assess your tolerance.

Theobromine- 75mg: Theobromine is a unique ingredient in that it is found in chocolate and is known as ‘the or feel good ingredient’ that keeps you coming back for more. Theobromine helps to improve the feeling of well-being associated with using Thermagize XT. It also acts in a similar way as caffeine, though it is not a stimulant, it provides an “alertness” and long-lasting energy without any jittery effects.

Hordenine HCl- 50mg: Hordenine is a common ingredient in fat burners due to its research on improving production of norepinephrine. Also known as noradrenaline, this ingredient has the ability to improve fatty acid metabolism through a variety of chemical pathways. What does this mean for users? Well by increasing fatty acid metabolism and adipose tissue metabolism, your body has the opportunity to burn more fat as energy... the goal of any true fat burner!

Higenamine HCl- 50mg: Higenamine is highly touted as a nootropic as well as for its ability to be used as an appetite suppressant. Many fat burners will include between 25mg-50mg of Higenamine as it is currently being studied as an alternative for ephedrine. It is important to note, Higenamine may be banned by certain sporting federations and governing bodies, so please be sure to check yours if you are an athlete and considering using Thermagize XT.

Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise)- 50mg: Paradoxine is known for its ability to increase thermogenesis by its browning of white adipose tissue. Why is that important? Plain and simple, your body burns brown adipose tissue (BAT)and stores white adipose tissue (WAT). The more BAT you have available, the more likely your body is able to increase your diet and cold induced thermogenesis. As if that wasn’t cool enough, readers will be happy to know that there are multiple HUMAN studies done on Paradoxine with numerous positive findings indicating its ability to burn additional calories without additional exercise.

Capsimax (Capsicum annuum)- 25mg: Capsimax is one of the few ingredients in Thermagize XT that has been shown to improve thermogenesis without any stimulant effect! Capsimax has been shown to support energy by increasing lipolysis and thermogenesis by delivering natural capsicum extract from hot chili peppers. This ingredient will also helps users get warmed up and sweating quicker during exercise.

Rauwolscine- 3mg: The last and smallest dosed ingredient is actually one of our favorites in this formula! Rauwolscine resembles the effects of the popular Yohimbine without the anxiety that some people reportedly receive from it. Some individuals love yohimbine for its ability to increase energy, alertness, and reduce the formation of fat. With that being said, many users of yohimbine get a nervous, anxious, or panicked feeling when taking the ingredient. That’s where Rauwolscine saves the day. Users report none of these negative side effects and even report its ability to act as an aphrodisiac for some users. Talk about a win/win!

Price Point

Right now, there is a great deal going on over at for Thermagize XT. The original price is $36.99 which is looking like one of the lowest prices online at the moment. BUT-- couple that with their coupon code DPS10, you get an additional 20% off that price! That drops down the price from $37 to about $29.50 or JUST over $0.40 per day! This is a deal you do NOT want to miss for that price!

Our Thoughts:

Plain and simple, we didn’t need to test out Thermagize XT for a month or even a week to give you our thoughts: it’s GREAT. Most companies that give the “1 capsule” guarantee fall short, in some way-- Not Thermagize XT. This has to be one of the strongest and longest lasting energizing fat burners we have tried, EVER. Just looking at the label gives you an idea of how powerful it is, but experiencing it is truly something else. We followed the directions on the label and took one capsule on an empty stomach (before breakfast) around 7:30am. By 8:00am the first round of energy was in full effect. If you are stim-sensitive, we recommend eating or drinking a little something of caloric value with your capsule because of how potent this truly is. It is important to note, however, that some of the ingredients found in Thermagize XT are MOST effective in the absence of insulin and blood sugar, so taking this product on any empty stomach IS ideal for maximum fat loss results. About 2 hours after taking the AM capsule the “instant” energy died down a bit but we continued to feel energized and alert for the remainder of the day. We noticed right around 6:00pm the energy started to fade-- nearly 11 hours later! Aside from the energy being by far the most noticeable effect, we saw:

• STRONG thermogenic effects, noticeable sweating, face and neck felt warm, and even some cold sweats!

• Nootropic effects- heightened sense of well-being, improved focus, tunnel vision, and vigor to accomplish tasks. This stuff makes you feel like you can take on the world!

• Appetite suppression- A common occurrence with higher stimulant ingredients, the appetite suppression with Thermagize XT is strong. It’s great if you are looking for something to take your mind off your next meal. Hunger pains and cravings were completely eliminated with this

• I know we have already mentioned the energy but we feel it’s important to mention it comes in waves. The first two hours after taking your first serving, the energy hits hard. For those that are stimulant sensitive, this may feel like a lot to handle at first but it tapers off. Right around the 2-hour mark is when the energy smooths out and feels less like a pre-workout and more like traditional fat-burners do. The only kicker? It lasts for 8+ hours.

In case the formula wasn’t intriguing enough, we’ll say it again; Thermagize XT lived up to all the hype. It only took us about 3 days of regular use to realize how profound the effects are. Thermagize XT isn’t one of those products that leaves you wanting a little more out of your fat burner. SNS knocked it out of the park and it’s safe to say that Thermagize XT will be one of the clear favorites for 2019 Fat Burner of the year. Now, you don’t have to wait till next Spring to get a jump on your shredding season-- with Thermagize XT, any season is shredding season! Of course, we will make sure to keep readers updated on our weight loss as we continue to use Thermagize XT-- we just had to get our review out ASAP! Head on over to now and remember to use code DPS10 for 20% off!



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