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Elevated Sports Nutrition PRO6+ Review

ESN Pro6+ Review

2019 is shaping up to be the year of the recovery supplement. Companies left and right have been introducing their own latest and greatest intra or post workout recovery beverage, each with their own unique twist on some of the classics. As science has advanced, we are happy to see so many companies drift away from a BCAA-laden product— which has been proven to be far inferior to EAA’s and more often than not, a waste of money. In this review, we are going to tackle another intra-workout and recovery product with a unique ingredient we have yet to bring attention to on Modern Athletic Health.

Enter Elevated Sports Nutrition PRO6+ advanced protein formula. While the bulk of our previous reviews have focused on some pretty lengthy ingredient labels, PRO 6 boasts just 4 quality ingredients highlighted by PeptoPro, a clinically tested ingredient proven to be 3x more absorbable than free form amino acids! Not only was this the first time we have tried PeptoPro, but also our first experience with Elevated Sports Nutrition, which we are scheduled to be reviewing more products from throughout 2019.Keep reading below to find out our thoughts about PRO6 and how it stacks up to some of the other recovery products on the market.

Mixability: Bottom line—you won’t need a shaker. PRO6+ mixes so well you can swirl it with a spoon a few times and it dissolves nearly completely. Not only that, but it is one of the few recovery products we have tried that doesn’t have an initial gritty texture, or leaves residue at the bottom of your glass or shaker. We hope to see a few more companies take a page out of Elevated Sports Nutritions’ book when it comes to mixability.

Flavor: Unlike most companies, ESN only has one flavor for their PRO6 formula: Tangy Citrus. The oddest thing about this product was that there is little to no scent when you open the tub or stick your nose in it; making it hard to gauge what the flavor might be without actually tasting it. After mixing a scoop in 8 oz of water, the first flavor that hits you is a sour orange flavor. The flavor almost resembles that of an orange candy before the sourness is washed away by a sweetness that takes over the rest of your sip. After that initial burst of sour, the flavor resembles that of an orange flavored “Kool-Aid” or children’s drink rather than orange juice. There are very subtle citrus notes but the main flavor is that of orange. The flavor itself is rather delicious and something that we would have no issue drinking even if it wasn’t a sports supplement. Elevated Sports Nutrition proves that sometimes, all it takes is one high quality flavor to set you apart from competitors.

Ingredient Profile: This is the aspect that makes PRO6+ such an interesting recovery and intra-workout supplement. Rather than being filled with 10 different ingredients, PRO6+ sticks to the basics and delivers high quality, clinically proven ingredients in just one 14.2-gram scoop. Let’s check the ingredient label to see what makes up PRO6+.

ESN Pro6+ Review

The first thing you may notice at the top is the supply of electrolytes that PRO6+ affords you in every scoop. While many companies are starting to become more conscious of adding electrolytes into their recovery products, PRO6 goes above and beyond adding a whopping 366mg of electrolytes PLUS phosphorus into every scoop. The bonus electrolytes are perfect for any recovery or intra-workout drink as they can help to replenish those that are lost during intense exercise. Supplementing with electrolytes also helps to lessen potential for cramps, improve muscle contractions and strength, and can actually improve the “Pump” so many of us chase after every day! The electrolyte-rich PRO6+ is one of the few products on the market that delivers more than just a trace of these important minerals.

ESN Pro6+ Review

PeptoPro: 6,000mg: Let’s start with the cornerstone of the PRO6 formula, PeptoPro. PeptoPro is actually a hydrolyzed form of Casein that has been enzymatically broken down into di and tri-peptides. Now before you think to yourself, “Casein? Isn’t that a slow digesting protein?” let us explain why PeptoPro isn’t the same as other Casein products. Di and tri-peptides are small enough that when they enter the body, they require little to no digestive enzymes to be broken down and shipped off to the blood stream to be soaked up by your starving muscles. Most of the proteins we normally consume are polypeptides—or larger proteins that require this digestion process before they can be used. Studies have shown that PeptoPro, which contains all 20 amino acids required for proper muscle protein synthesis, can actually be absorbed 3x better than free-form amino acids! This means that in a dose as small as 6g, PeptoPro can be more beneficial than a 15g serving of pure amino acids! As if this wasn’t cool enough di and tri-peptides are nearly instantly delivered into the blood stream, meaning you can consume less protein than you normally would intra or post workout and still reap all the benefits. Better absorption, great mixability, and instant nutrients for the muscle? Sign us up!

L-Citrulline Malate: 1,000mg: Citrulline Malate has been known for its ability to increase blood flow, improve nutrient delivery, and increase the gym pump we mentioned before. Citrulline Malate is different from just Citrulline as it is bonded to Malic acid which can further improve aerobic and anaerobic energy production as well as aid in increased blood flow. While 1,000mg isn’t a huge dose, it is important to realize that PRO6 is designed to help you start recovering before you leave the gym, not give you a huge pump. Plus, your pre-workout is probably packed with a form citrulline already—PRO6 is just giving you the icing on the cake!

Betaine Anhydrous: 1,000mg: also known as Trimethylglycine, Betaine is one of our favorite supplements for Increased athletic performance. Betaine works in a similar way to Creatine, although the mechanisms by which it works are different. Betaine works by promoting cell hydration and resilience to stressors while also increasing muscular endurance, power output, and total workout volume. One of the neat things about Betaine Anhydrous is it works better the longer you take it. You may not notice huge benefits within your first few doses but within a couple of weeks Betaine will surely leave lasting effects. So why in a recovery product? Simple, replenishing the body with Betaine can help you maintain hydration at a cellular level.

Coconut Water Extract: 100mg: As if the electrolytes at the top of the list were not enough, PRO6 also includes coconut water extract, a known natural ingredient that is rich in electrolytes. At just 100mg, Coconut Water Extract actually contains more potassium than a couple of bananas, more electrolytes than a couple of leading sports drinks, and at little to no caloric value. Couple this with ingredients like citrulline and betaine and your body will remain hydrated long after those grueling 2-hour workouts.

Price Point:

While the regular price for PRO6+ seems a bit pricey at $44.99 for a 30 serving tub, Modern Athletic Health is able to provide you with a 20% discount by discount using code ESN20 at checkout!

ESN Pro6+ Review

Our Thoughts?

PRO6 has surprised us in a great way as not your average recovery drink. You are getting 6g of high quality PeptoPro delivered right to the muscle while L-Citrulline Malate and Betaine Anhydrous helps to increase blood flow of other nutrients and electrolytes, including the Coconut Water Extract to your hungry and thirsty muscles. In just a few weeks of supplementing with PRO6+ we noticed:

• Decreased DOMS post workout

• Shorter recovery periods in between sets during our last week of use

• Little to no cramping after high volume workouts

• Aerobic capacity and total workout volume increased

• No nausea or stomach issues that can occur with poor hydration/electrolyte consumption

• And more!

PRO6 really takes the important aspects of recovery to the next level. Hydration and quality protein consumption are both key components to unlocking your potential in the gym so why sell yourself short? It’s time for YOU to elevate your workouts, recovery and lifestyle with Elevated Sports Nutrition PRO6 advanced protein Formula.



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