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Soviet Labs Putin Pump Review

soviet labs putin pump review

Soviet Labs Putin Pump was designed to be the perfect stackable pump agent, complete with 2 patented ingredients and 2 other clinically backed ingredients designed to take your workouts to a new level. We wanted to test out the pump-ability and used it as a standalone as well as with Soviet Labs’ Pre Workout M.A.D (review coming soon) and other pre-workouts to test its effectiveness. A quick glance at the fully disclosed ingredient label should tell you all you need to know about this mega-dosed pump agent, but we figured we’d give you the details and our thoughts on this muscle gorging, skin splitting product. If you want to know how Putin Pump stacks up to other pump agents, check out our full review below!

Flavors: We want to give a big thank you to Soviet Labs for sending us a full tub of their “Proletariat Pineapple” flavor to try and review! Although we received the pineapple flavor, Soviet Labs also offers a “Stalin Sour Slam” and “Lenin’s Lemon Twist” flavor. We’d like to think that they will be offering more flavors just as soon as they can find a famous Russian Leader that corresponds to a popular supplement flavor.

Anyway… we followed directions and mixed a full scoop into 16 oz of water. Upon the first sip we noticed this flavor is SOUR! We’re interested to see what the Sour Slam flavor tastes like when the Pineapple had this much tartness. Initially you do get a pineapple flavor which slowly fades into a more tropical taste. The flavor itself is pretty good but you do get a little bit of the bitter taste that comes along with any product that has glycerol in it. Aside from that if you are into sour flavors, you’ll absolutely love the Proletariat Pineapple.

Mixability: As to be expected, this product mixed about as well as it could with the inclusion of GlycerPump. There was a little grittiness when mixed with the 16oz of water however this is something that occurs with all glycerol-based products. GlycerPump itself does mix better than most other glycerol products however so the mixability is much more bearable than other products that use the cheaper, non trademarked version! Aside from that, everything else mixed well and there were no noticeable chunks otherwise. A quick swirl in between sips and you will hardly notice that the GlycerPump is even a part of the ingredient list!

Ingredients: Before we get into the ingredient aspect, it is worth noting that the label gives dosing for a half scoop and a full scoop. If you use a half scoop there are 40 servings per tub and if you use a full scoop there are 20 servings per tub. After looking at the label, most users will get the full experience with just half a scoop but if you have built a tolerance to some pump agents and/or over 185lbs, then we suggest a using 3/4 to a full scoop.

* NOTE: When discussing the product label, we are going to use dosages as if we were taking a full scoop of the product.

soviet labs putin pump review

Citrulline Malate- 8g: A popular ingredient in many pre-workout supplements, citrulline malate provides a host of benefits at even a dosage as low as 2g. Studies suggest citrulline malate can enhance nitric oxide in the body after increasing L-arginine in the blood. At a mega dosage of 8g, L-arginine will be increased massively and thus increase vasodilation that much more! Citrulline also has been shown to reduce muscular fatigue during workouts by shuttling ammonia and lactate out of muscle. This is a great way to get your pump on without experiencing that “burn” you so often feel during high rep sets! Prolonged usage has been linked to decreased rest times between sets and improved endurance over the course of your workout. Some users report reduced soreness 24-48 hours after workout with usage of Citrulline as well, however more studies are being conducted to turn this into a concreted claim. We’re sure you’ll be just fine with the pump benefits you’ll see after just one dose of Putin Pump

GlycerPump-4g: This compound patented by Pinnacle Ingredients was designed to be the most superior form of glycerol in the supplement industry. Glycerol powders have been used for years to enhance muscular pumps the only problem was, it made those big white chunks in your drink and never fully dissolved and inferior versions would cause some pretty nasty stomach side effects. As we mentioned above, GlycerPump dissolves fairly well and with minimal added flavor unlike old glycerol powders. Glycerol works by ingesting the ingredient along with a large amount of fluid (i.e. pre-workout or 16oz of water). It can create a state of hyperhydration by enabling the body tissues to absorb and hold these large amounts of fluid. The increase of fluid will create a bigger “pump” but can also improve hydration, improve endurance, and power output. The most noticeable of these benefits is the increased pump and water retention within the muscles. Generally, a dosage of 1-3g (the general dose in most pre-workouts) is enough to give you a pretty big pump after a few sets. The 4g dose in a full scoop not only gives you a massive pump in whatever muscles you’re working, but further increases the duration of the pump for HOURS after your workout.

Nitrosigine-1.5g: Known as one of the greatest nitric oxide boosters in the industry, Nitrosigine’s patented ingredients can increase nitric oxide in as short as 15 minutes and last up to 6 hours! With over 19 studies showing efficacy or safety, Nitrosigine is designed to enhance your pump, vasodilation, and take workouts to another level. Studies showed that Nitrosigine is better at increasing nitric oxide than supplementing with different forms of arginine, citrulline, and agmatine alone. When combined with the above ingredients, it works synergistically to improve nitric oxide even further, and creating the greatest pump of your life! Nitrosigine also can improve your recovery time, focus, energy levels, and your bodies ability to transport those vital nutrients to different areas of the body. This is what puts Nitrosigine ahead of other vasodilation products; it’s not just about the pump, it enhances your recovery too.

Agmatine Sulfate-1g: Possibly one of the most underrated ingredients in the supplement industry, Agmatine sulfate provides a host of benefits both in and out of the gym. For instance, Agmatine has shown cognitive benefits, preventative benefits such as reduce risk for strokes and other debilitating diseases, and synergistic effects with pain killers to reduce tolerance, and the possibility of addiction as well as pain itself. Studies have shown that Agmatine sulfate can also boost sense of well-being and mood. But the most important reason that it’s in Putin Pump is its ability to increase vasodilation in the body. A derivative or arginine, Agmatine Sulfate has better oral bioavailability that arginine even at a lower dose! Although it is a vasodilator, Agmatine has also shown signs of being able to regulate blood pressure, reduce symptoms of hypertension, and can improve cardiovascular functioning. Talk about an “end-all be-all” supplement!

Our Thoughts: We have used and reviewed many pre-workouts as well as well as pump agents here at Modern Athletic Health over the last few years and have a good idea of what works and what’s bogus. It’s safe to say that this is easily one of our favorite pump agents to date that has unlimited stack potential due to not including any stimulants or ergogenic aids.

At a half scoop, you experience some pumps relatively quickly, they aren’t crazy but they are definitely noticeable after even a few exercises. At a full scoop, you’re going to be absolutely blown away. Taken with a preworkout product such as M.A.D only enhances the pump factor however; if you aren’t into using a pre-workout product and just want to take Putin Pump some with some coffee preworkout, it has massive benefits. Here are some of the things we noticed with Putin Pump:

• Immediate increases in vasodilation (within 10-15 minutes)

• Massive pumps even during warm-up sets of exercises

• Long lasting pumps (2-4 hours post exercise)

• Less trips to the restroom during training and after training

• Improved recovery/lesser DOMS 24-48 hours post training

We probably sound like a broken record; however, this product delivers the pump, plain and simple.

Price Point: Right now, if you head over to you’ll see Putin Pump for about $49.99 plus shipping. But we can do better. We can save you 30% off your total by entering the code SOVIET30 at checkout for 30% off your entire order! That will bring your total down to about $35 for 40 half scoops or 20 full scoops. We certainly think you’ll be able to get the pump you’re looking for with a half scoop and recommend trying that first if you’re looking to stretch out your tub and dollar a little longer! If you plan on using the half scoop you’re getting one of the top pre-workout pump agent’s 2018 has seen for under $1 a day. THAT’S a deal!

Quite honestly, we were extremely impressed with Putin Pump. It far exceeded expectations and has gained a lot of respect for a brand new company. We hope to see Soviet Labs release more top notch, high quality products in the near future. Head over to today and pick up the pump product EVERYONE is going to be talking about. Its time to start “PUTIN” a little more effort and intensity into your workouts with Putin Pump!

soviet labs putin pump review



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