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Purus Labs MyoFeed PB2 Protein Review

It’s not often we get excited about the release of new flavors or styles of protein powder because, let’s be real, how unique can they get? That is unless the words “peanut butter” are thrown into the mix! Purus Labs has done that and then some! We would like to introduce you to Purus Labs newest flavor additions to their MyoFeed protein powder, Vanilla Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The bonus with these new flavors; rather than being filled with artificial peanut butter flavors, they are actually made with PB2 powdered protein powder. For those of you who are unaware of PB2, they changed the face of peanut butter in the health food industry by creating a powdered, low-fat peanut butter with tons of different uses. Modern Athletic Health has been an avid user of PB2 in the past and have enjoyed the various MyoFeed protein flavors, so this seemed like a match made in heaven! We had the chance to try both the Vanilla and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors and are excited to share with you our thoughts on Purus Labs’ newest flavors of MyoFeed.

Flavors: To test out both flavors we split up our servings 3 ways; in water, in milk, and in pancake mix for protein pancakes. Here’s what we thought of the flavor in each one of those trials.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Our first impression of the chocolate peanut butter flavor was the smell. When pouring it into whatever we were mixing it with, we noticed a strong PB2 scent. One scoop in about 8 oz of water makes for a moderately thick shake. The flavor has a stronger peanut butter taste than it does chocolate. The chocolate is somewhat of an aftertaste when using water. In milk, the flavor is reminiscent of the milk left over after a bowl of Reese’s’ Puffs cereal. This is a must try in milk, or even almond/coconut milk. In a pancake mix, MyoFeed creates a thicker and denser pancake, while also adding a strong peanut butter taste. The chocolate is, again, a subtle flavor while the peanut butter really shines through. If you’re someone who enjoys peanut butter on your pancakes or waffles but can’t afford the additional calories, this will certainly satisfy your craving!

Vanilla Peanut Butter: Our first impression of the vanilla peanut butter was that it was the sweeter smelling of the two flavors. The peanut butter aspect wasn’t nearly as strong upon the initial smell. When mixing with water, the flavor is about 50/50 sweet vanilla and peanut butter. The vanilla resembles melted ice cream flavor and the peanut butter is just the icing on the cake. When mixed with milk, the shake is noticeably thicker and makes for a great alternative to an ice cream milk shake! We think this flavor would be amazing in protein sludge or even as a drizzle over the top of your favorite baked goods. When mixed with pancake mix, it sweetens the pancakes while adding a much subtler peanut butter taste than the chocolate peanut butter. In hindsight, we would have liked to save a little powder to make a drizzle for the ultimate protein pancake experience. The vanilla peanut butter was our favorite of the two flavors.


The mixability of this product was excellent in the pancake mix, but pretty average when mixing with water or milk. This was to be expected because of the use of the PB2 product. Traditionally, the PB2 takes a little extra mixing in order to get a smooth consistency. We tried both with and without shaker cups and strainers and still ran into the occasional tiny protein chunk. This was more apparent in the milk than the water, however, if you’re the type of person who sips your protein instead of chugging it, a little shake here and there should break up any additional clumps.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts: One thing we are super impressed with is Purus Labs commitment to their “ClearFacts” transparent label. Like all Purus Labs products, the protein powders have fully disclosed labels, no proprietary blends, and lab verification right on the label. We always give shout outs to companies that go the extra mile in producing this information.

A quick look at the ingredient label will show you that you are getting a protein blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and micellar casein. Studies have shown that whey protein blends can actually be more beneficial to muscle than a straight isolate or concentrate because of their various absorption rates. Next, you’ll notice that MyoFeed includes VitaFiber and Aminogen. VitaFiber is a dietary fiber that aids in digestive support, while Aminogen is a patented blend of digestive enzymes that can also improve nutrient absorption. Purus Labs pays attention to the small details and realizes that adding these in can prevent bloating and make for a more enjoyable protein flavor and experience. When looking at the nutrition facts you’ll notice two important things, low fat and low carbohydrates in one serving. One scoop only has 1.5g of fat (stemming from the PB2) and 2g of net carbs (4g of carbs but 2 are from the VitaFiber. One scoop also provides you with a solid 23g of protein per serving, while also providing 15% of your recommended daily value (RDV) of calcium, and other valuable vitamins and minerals. As a part of that ClearFacts promise we commend Purus Labs for putting additional vitamins and minerals on the nutrition label. With patented ingredients to help with absorption and digestion, a solid protein blend, and fully disclosed label, we definitely love MyoFeed with PB2.

Uses: Although we tested this as just a shake and pancake mix, we feel there are tons of uses for MyoFeed. Mixing with yogurt or small amounts of milk/water to make a protein sludge is a great use for this product. Making different types of pancakes and waffles worked so well with MyoFeed that we would over the opportunity to bake different cakes and desserts with it as well. Using this in oatmeal to make “proatmeal” or overnight oats is another alternative that we can see MyoFeed being used for. MyoFeed is one of the few proteins that we have tried and reviewed that we would feel comfortable using in a variety of ways, knowing that anything we create with it would be delicious.

Price Point:

As always, Modern Athletic Health gets you all the discount codes so you can try all these amazing products at an affordable price! With Purus Labs products, using the code MODERN20 will get you 20% off your order! Depending on the size MyoFeed you decide to order, you can get anywhere from $9-$15 off your favorite flavor tubs!

Our Thoughts:

Overall, we have to say Purus Labs exceeded expectations with another one of their products. The new Chocolate and Vanilla PB2 flavors are delicious and have a variety of uses. Being able to bake with a protein and have it turn out as tasty as the shakes you drink is often hard to do; but not with MyoFeed. Making pancakes was easy and delicious and we think you’d be able to bake a variety of tasty treats with MyoFeed. Aside from the protein tasting great, the ingredient profile and nutrition label is nothing to scoff at either. The addition of VitaFiber and Aminogen to improve nutrient delivery, digestion, and enzyme support shows Purus Labs attention to the small things that can make or break a protein product. If you are in the market for a new protein product we highly recommend that you take a look at MyoFeed!



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