OptiVego Vegan & Vegetarian Multivitamin and Mineral Review

optivego vegan vegetarian multivitamin & mineral

In an industry so concerned about macronutrients, have you ever thought about your micronutrient goals? What about making sure you’re getting enough of a certain vitamin or mineral? How about monitoring electrolytes? We’re all guilty of putting those things on the back burners, especially when we see a shiny new pre-workout with 300mg of caffeine per scoop! Besides, you never hear anyone say “look how jacked this multivitamin got me, bro!” All jokes aside, we did happen to find a multivitamin designed to benefit anyone looking for better health, but it also has an ingredient profile geared specifically towards vegans and vegetarians who may be lacking certain things from their plant-based diet. Before we get into our thoughts on the product, we will give you a quick rundown of the company, what the ingredient profile looks like, and the price point. It’s also worth mentioning that the discount code for OptiVego (MAH20) will not only get you 20% off but also get you free shipping as well!

Let’s take a look at OptiVego, the comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement for Vegans & Vegetarians!

Who is OptiVego:

OptiVego is a one product company, specializing in their complete multivitamin product. OptiVego’s goal is not to provide you with 1000% of your daily recommended value of easy to obtain vitamin and minerals, rather it was designed for those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle that need an extra vitamin or mineral boost. OptiVego does not mega dose their ingredients like some multivitamins do.

But why is this important?

In the case of your vitamins and minerals, more is not always a good thing, as it can lead to toxicity and negative side effects. Rather, OptiVego uses data regarding vegans and vegetarians when creating their formulation. OptiVego researched which vitamins and minerals those individuals may be lacking and which they may consume enough of in a day. After compiling that data, they then formulated a product that gives vegetarians and vegans EXACTLY what they are missing without risking toxic amounts of particular vitamins and minerals. By formulating this way, they can ensure users of OptiVego are in their vitamin and mineral “Optimum Zone”. If you want to read more on how they came up with the perfect vegan and vegetarian multivitamin formula, check out this link below to find out all about their research! https://optivego.com/what-is-optivego/

Ingredient Profile:

If we listed every single ingredient in OptiVego, our readers would be staring at a computer screen all day! Rather we want you to take a look at some data we pulled from the company website that makes understanding their ingredient selection easier. If you take a look at the charts, you’ll see that OptiVego recognizes plant-based diets are rich in different minerals such as Folate, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin K, while they may lack heavily in Taurine, Vitamin B12, Retinol and Vitamin D.

optivego vegan vegetarian multivitamin & mineral

When looking at the nutrition label you’ll see that OptiVego carefully formulated their ingredient profile to include smaller amounts of Vitamin K, Beta Carotene, and Folate, while including larger amounts of Retinol, Taurine, and Vitamin D! It is also worth noting that OptiVego uses only the highest bioavailability and best-researched nutrient types in their product. You may notice a lot of the ingredients have other names and patent pending trademarks next to them. That is just a true testament to the quality OptiVego uses in their multivitamin. We also want to mention that OptiVego is produced in the USA in a state-of-the-art NSF-certified manufacturing facility adhering to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. OptiVego is also certified vegan, GMO free, and gluten free, for those that look for those aspects in their products.

Take a look at the charts below to see how 4 tiny capsules of OptiVego can get start improving your overall health.

optivego vegan vegetarian multivitamin & mineral

optivego vegan vegetarian multivitamin & mineral

Price Point: You’d expect a multivitamin of this quality to come with a hefty price tag, but OptiVego isn’t pricey at all! They also offer some pretty sweet deals aside from the MAH20 discount code! If you purchase one bottle you are looking at $34.90 before the code but by clicking here you will automatically get 20% off, bringing the total for a single bottle to $27.90, less than $1 per day PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Talk about a deal! If you are a vegan or vegetarian, this deal is certainly a no brainer for the most effective and properly formulated vegan multivitamin on the market today!

optivego vegan vegetarian multivitamin & mineral

Our Thoughts:

Although this product is geared more for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, we can’t help but love OptiVego’s mission and product. Although we do not personally follow just a plant-based diet, we appreciate the careful selection of ingredients that OptiVego uses and their attention to detail and consideration to avoid toxic levels of vitamins and minerals in our diets. When using OptiVego, we did experience a few notable things that we wouldn’t normally from a multivitamin. The first is improved natural energy. While anecdotal, we did tend to wake up feeling more refreshed and recovered and not as lethargic throughout the day. We also noticed improved bowel “regularity” and digestion. Bloating was nearly eliminated during our usage which improved everyday life. While you shouldn’t expect any life changing enhancements with OptiVego, it is important to realize how much a good multivitamin can make a difference. For those of us who are living the Vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, we highly recommend you pick up a bottle or two and see for yourself the difference OptiVego can make. We would like to give a massive shutout to OptiVego for letting us try their brand-new multivitamin despite our lack of veganism! Make sure you use code MAH20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order and get free shipping! Start paying attention to those little things in your daily regimen and fill those gaps of today’s vegan and vegetarian diets with OptiVego.

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