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Review: Azoth Tötal Energy

After the 2017 release of the outstanding nootropic and cognitive optimizer Azoth 2.0, another product by Seeking Azoth has been unveiled to help you “Get Sh*t Done.” This time, Azoth opted for something that, while it does help focus, is going to give you clean, jitter free, long lasting energy. We would like to introduce you to Tötal Energy, Seeking Azoth’s latest focus and energy powerhouse.

azoth total energy review

Total energy was designed a little differently than your run of the mill pre-workout or energy supplement. The goal with Total Energy was to provide you with just that; a comprehensive energy supplement that is crash free, jitter free, and long lasting, without the anxiety, nervousness, and heart racing effects you may sometimes get with other energy products. The ingredient list is simple with just 4 ingredients on the label and 100% transparency. No need to worry about what you are getting with each capsule; Tötal Energy has everything you need to know right on the label. We had the opportunity to try Tötal Energy for a few weeks to see what type of effect it would give us. Keep reading below to find out what makes up Total Energy, and why you NEED to try these tiny capsules ASAP!

Ingredients: As we mentioned above, Tötal Energy has just 4 ingredients but packs a serious punch with such a small dose.

One serving of Tötal is just two capsules and a total of 1300mg worth of ingredients. So, what combination of ingredients make this so effective?

azoth total energy review

MCT Oil- 500mg: The MCT oil or “Medium Chain Triglycerides” found in Tötal Energy is naturally sourced from coconuts. MCT oil has been known for years to provide a boost in energy as well as slightly increase overall metabolic rate. This type of fat is a key component to many individuals who follow a low carb or ketogenic approach but anyone can experience positive effects from MCT’s. The quick burst of energy that you receive from MCT oil is in the form of ketones, a fat fuel rather than glucose that comes from sugars. The energy you may feel from MCT oil is not a caffeinated energy, rather a natural energy that can provide better alertness, sense of well-being, improved mood, and improved cognition. No, MCT oil isn’t a nootropic; those effects have just been found from the prolonged use of MCT oil as well as improved ketone bodies within humans. Many companies looking to provide energy to consumers don’t think to look ‘outside the box’ or take the natural route, especially if the ingredients don’t provide an instant effect that the user can feel. While we can’t promise you will notice the effects of MCT oil immediately, we can guarantee that prolonged use will only improve its benefits.

Yerba Mate-400mg: Yerba mate, “the drink of gods”, or Ilex paraguariensis for the science-y folks, is a plant native to South America that is often brewed as a tea. Yerba mate is a great natural source of caffeine and also has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant properties, and bioactive compounds such as quercetin and ursolic acid. The 400mg of Yerba mate in Total Energy provides consumers with about 120mg of caffeine, or the equivalent to a couple cups of coffee. We like to see this in an energy product for 2 reasons: the first is we know that this product does not rely on massive amounts of stims to provide an effect, the second is that caffeine is naturally occurring within the plant extract so you can assure it is not a modified or synthetic form of caffeine. While this product was originally marketed as a fat burner and does have some anti-obesity related properties, yerba mate shines in the long-lasting energy department where it is referred to as “coffee without all the drama”. Yerba mate provides the incredible ability to increase energy over time without the side effects or crashing that comes with caffeine. Studies have even suggested that yerba mate has the ability to synergistically work along side caffeine and increase its effectiveness, even in doses that may not be effective! The natural energy provided from yerba mate is again, something that won’t jump out at you initially, however hours after the dosage and continued use will make effects much more obvious.

L-Theanine (200mg):

L-theanine is an amino acid frequently used in improving sleep, feelings of relaxation, prevention of anxiety, and the “calming of nerves”. Studies have shown L-theanine inducing similar brain activity that is seen during REM or deep sleep. L-theanine has also been shown to improve cognition, sense of well being and mental clarity, thus providing a nootropic effect as well (just like yerba mate!). One of the greatest things about L-theanine is that it is able to help you to achieve this relaxed state without causing grogginess or lethargy. It has been shown in numerous studies to be effective at just 100mg but you are getting 200mg in each serving of Tötal Energy. This ingredient is the perfect counterpart to the rest of the stack because of its ability to eliminate any residual “jittery” effect you might experience from caffeine.

Rhodiola Rosea-200mg:

Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen compound, which delivers an anti-fatigue effect to the body, which helps to increase the body’s ability to perform under stress, improve endurance, lower effects of prolonged physical distress, and is also neuroprotective! Rhodiola is so potent it is often prescribed as a powerful antidepressant that is also capable of improving mood dramatically! Rhodiola has numerous studies on its ability to decrease fatigue and improve cognition, making it the perfect ingredient to top off Tötal Energy. Many individuals will use this when cycling off stimulants, specifically caffeine, because of its ability to help the body cope with stress and assist the body while the adrenals are not being stimulated. We absolutely love the addition of Rhodiola within Tötal Energy, especially because it synergies so well with L-theanine AND yerba mate. 200mg of Rhodiola will provide numerous effects both immediate and long term.

Price point:

Just when we thought that this product could not get any better, we realized that the price point on this product is actually pretty phenomenal as well! If you order directly from the product is regularly $29.95. However, using the code MAH10 will get you 10% off your entire purchase. Couple this with the fact that you get a full 30-day serving in each bottle and you've got yourself quite the deal. You may not even need to use 2 capsules per day, which will extend the life of the bottle beyond 1 month.

Our thoughts:

From the profile, to the price, and everything in between, Seeking Azoth has done another outstanding job with Tötal Energy. We personally like to use 2 capsules first thing in the morning before eating. Within 30 minutes you will start to feel more “awake” and naturally energized as if you just had a great night’s sleep. By 2 hours later you will feel completely awake with amazing mental clarity and the nootropic effects will have already kicked in. By hour 4 you will still be feeling amazing and this is really where the yerba mate’s alertness factor begins to shine. By hours 6-8 you will more than likely be asking yourself “how am I not tired yet?”—especially if you are an early riser! The greatest part is at the end of your day, you will still be in a relaxed state without feeling tired or groggy.

azoth total energy review

Total Energy gives you the feeling that you are naturally energized all day, without the stimulant feeling or jitteriness you may experience with just 1 cup of coffee. It is the most naturally energizing product we have ever tried and is undoubtedly in a class of its own. We have had some close family and friends try just 1 capsule per day and have noted that they just “feel better” and have had a great day. This is all while being off of other stimulants and working a normal 8-hour day or longer! It is hard to explain how great this product works, which is why we feel you need to try it for yourself. If you need help improving productivity, enhancing your mood, improving workouts, or are just trying to cut back on stimulants and still survive your day, you need Total Energy. Thank you again to Azoth for having our back and helping us Get Sh*t Done.



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