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Clean.Fit Box Review

Are you sick and tired of paying for a fitness box month after month just to receive a few subpar products that you didn’t want to even finish? With various monthly fitness boxes now taking the industry by storm, and their convenience at an all time high, we are always on the hunt to find a subscription box that’s worth the money. Enter our new favorite monthly treat, the Clean Fit nutrition box. box review

The Clean Fit nutrition box, much like other subscription boxes, comes every month and is packed full of goodies ranging from training products, to snacks and everything in between. The real kicker is they offer 3 different style boxes no matter what your diet needs are!

Clean Fit is the first box we have seen that offers an original, a gluten-free box, and a vegetarian box! That’s right, regardless of your goals or lifestyle choices, Clean Fit has a box that fits all of your needs.

We had the opportunity to sample the original version of the March 2018 Clean Fit box, and let’s just say we were more than impressed.

We’re going to give you a quick rundown of what Clean Fit is all about, a look into March’s box, and our overall thoughts on Clean Fit’s monthly subscription box.

Who is Clean Fit?

The Clean Fit company was founded by Renee Fouquet, a young entrepreneur working in New York City. She grew frustrated of how difficult it was to find healthy and delicious snacks and workout supplements that aligned with whole body health and wellness. Like most of us, after consuming products filled with GMO’s and other processed foods, she just wasn’t feeling herself. It was then that she designed the Clean Fit box. The goal was to make a box that made eating healthy and supplementing your body more convenient as well as allowing Fouquet to share her passion and knowledge on eating for energy, preventing illness and disease, and self-love and well being. box review

Clean Fit was designed to help individuals like Fouquet discover healthy snacks and premium workout supplements that aren’t found in big box stores. We will be honest, here at Modern Athletic Health, we only knew of 1 company that was in March’s box. We appreciate Clean Fit’s commitment to show us that there’s so many companies out there that enjoy producing healthy and delicious snacks. Not only does Clean Fit open our eyes to all of these great small companies, it helps those companies get the notoriety they deserve. Clean Fit’s goals and mission statement of helping individuals achieve their fitness goals while eating well, staying fit, and practicing self-love is something everyone at Modern Athletic Health can admire.

What was in March’s Box?

First of all, this box contained the most product we have seen stuffed in a tiny box EVER. This month’s box has 8 different products by 7 different companies; all of which were absolutely amazing. The box also comes with a helpful hint, this month about recovery after running sessions, as well as a mini guide pamphlet to give you a rundown on each product within the box.

Here’s what March’s box looked like:

KIKI Health Chlorella Tablets: Chlorella is a form of algae that is naturally high in iron, b12, and protein. This type of algae has been shown to have chemo preventative effects as well as anti-mutagenic effects meaning it can help fight cancer cells, and combats against free radicals that mutate cells, such as molds, carcinogens, and tobacco. You get a full 30-day trial of Chlorella in March’s order

Nourishing Nutz Texas Chili Medley Trail Mix: This mix of sprouted nuts was absolutely delicious! March’s box gives you a 3.5oz bag of these perfectly seasoned sprouted nuts. Sprouted nuts are processed through being dehydrated at a low heat after being soaked and salted allowing for easier digestion and retainment of their nutrients.

Organic Food Bar: The organic food bar is essentially a vegan protein bar with all sorts of natural organic ingredients. Packed with different fruits nuts and seeds and packing a whopping 22g of non-soy plant-based protein, this protein bar is a sure hit whether you are vegetarian or not!

The Yes Bar: One of our personal favorites, the Yes Bar is a perfect blend of sweet and savory ingredients. Sweetened with maple syrup and honey, this seed and nut packed bar is a big step up from your normal run of the mill granola bar! We wish there was a few extras in this month’s box for us to pass along (or eat ourselves!)

Fire Creek Jerky: This box has not one, but 2 Fire Creek Jerky sticks. These sticks are not only delicious but made from high quality meats and are nitrate-free, non-GMO, and MSG-free as well! If you’re a fan of the popular Ostrim Sticks, these are right up there in taste and quality. box review

Genepro Organic Whey Protein: This organic protein powder comes from Wisconsin grass-fed cows and is made with vegetarian friendly enzymes to increase absorption and a clinical trial suggests that just one tablespoon scoop can provide you with up to 30g of clean quality protein! The packet contains 10 scoops worth and is flavorless, making it perfect to add to yogurts, smoothies or an added protein boost to your post-workout shakes.

Vahdam Chai Tea: Vahdam Teas are procured fresh direct from plantations and are revolutionizing the way we drink teas. By cutting out the middleman this company is ensuring you get the highest quality tea directly from their Indian company, without tampering from any outside sources. If you love the taste and aroma of Chai Tea’s, this is the perfect product to top off your Clean Fit Box.

All of these amazing products were packed into one tiny box, and have we mentioned if you buy these products separately it is over a $60 value? What a great deal!

Pricing: Like most subscription boxes, Clean Fit offers a discount if you purchase months in advance rather then paying as you go. One month is $34.95, 3 months is $33.20/month, 6 months is $31.45/month, and 12 months is $29.70/month. However, if you type in the code HEALTHY15 at checkout, you’re getting 15% off whatever subscription plan you pay for (click here to order). For the amount and quality of product you are receiving every month, it really is a pretty great value. The boxes are shipped out the 15th of every month so there is plenty of time to get in on next month’s box! box review

Many of us have tried boxes before, only to be filled with cheap workout products and “healthy” snacks filled with sugars and processed junk. Clean Fit ensures that every product put into their box is hand curated and meets the highest quality standards. Every box you get is jam packed full of goodies that would generally retail for $20+ over the cost of the box! If you’re curious what types of goodies you can find in your future Clean Fit box, head over to their webpage and click on their past boxes to get a taste of what you could be getting in the future!



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