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The January Condition: Resolutions VS Lifelong Commitments

Every January, a mass migration occurs. All over the world, people of all shapes, sizes, and ages flock to their local gyms. Most of these newcomers are gym novices with little to no fitness experience, but all are ready to turn their lives around with the aid of treadmills and dumbbells. Even some of the most hardcore gymrats take this time to change course and get back on track with their goals. Sadly, by the time the month ends, most “fitness transformations” have gone off the rails. So much potential; so much confidence – all gone before the snow melts.

New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them, January after January. What goes wrong? How is it possible that all those good intentions yield such meager results? The difference between New Year’s Resolution and lifelong commitments is the difference between motivation and discipline. One is temporary, the other is permanent. It’s easy to become motivated. After holiday festivities, most of us are feeling guilty about our less-than-spectacular food choices, and we’re bombarded with messages of “New Year, New You”, as if all we need is a pep talk and a reset button.

And, to be fair, that approach does work for some. But for me, and maybe for you, a pep talk isn’t enough. If that’s the case, it’s time to stop worrying about motivation and start worrying about dedication. Realize, first and foremost, that if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you have to be in for the long haul. Results don’t come overnight, and there will be plenty of days where it seems like your progress has stalled. On those days, dedication to long-term goals is the only thing that will get you off the couch and into the gym.

So, how do we build dedication? By changing our perspective. Realize that fitness isn’t a chore, it’s an opportunity to improve our lives. We’re not putting in time at the gym and eating right just to look good at the beach (though that’s not a bad reason either). The fitness lifestyle is all about quality of life; it’s about having the health and strength to live out our dreams, to enjoy time with our loved ones, and to leave a positive mark on this world. Realizing this is what we gain for our hard work – and not just a smaller pants size – make long-term commitment much easier.

As you can probably see by now, fitness goals are serious business. If you or someone you know has New Year’s Resolutions, consult a fitness expert immediately. Subscribe to this website for more tips and advice. You can also check out my website at Don’t wait until it’s too late: turn your resolutions into commitments today.

Samuel Kennedy, Hero In Training, Founder & Editor of



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