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6 Super-Foods Everyone Should Be Eating

antioxidant superfoods

I'm sure most of you have heard about the importance of antioxidants for your body. They generally occur in natural plants and foods such as vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, wine, chocolates etc. and are necessary for the protection and immunity of our body's cells. As our body's cells are responsible for proper functioning of our organs, it is important that we take care in what we feed them.

Antioxidants are basically the perfect diet for our body's cells. They help in fighting free radicals (molecules that can damage healthy cells). Free radicals can also cause damage to DNA and proteins. Free radicals are also the mini-monsters behind cancers! So to fight against them, proper dose of antioxidants is recommended.

There are thousands of antioxidant compounds found in various super foods. Super foods are filled up with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and of course antioxidants. They occur naturally and minimize cell damage immensely. Eating healthy superfoods and getting a good amount of antioxidants will ensure that your body is purged from the dangers of Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Some people think taking supplements or pills which are rich in these important nutrients is enough, but the reality is that they are no match for the original antioxidant superfoods. There is always a risk of interference of supplements with the medicines you are taking like antibiotics, for example, but eating naturally occurring superfoods can immensely benefit your body without causing any harm.

Here are 6 antioxidant rich superfoods that you should be eating in order to stay healthy and disease free.


Blackberries are rich in Vitamin C, fiber, and ellagic acid, according to Berry Health Benefits Network. Blackberries are also very beneficial in decreasing the danger of certain types of cancers, as per some recent studies. Blackberries contain a phenol compound called ellagic acid which is rich in antiviral, antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties. Blackberries have the highest level of antioxidant properties among all fruits.


Another extremely delicious fruit that is often used in flavored yogurts, desserts, pies and ice-cream is strawberry. This fruit also contains exceptional antioxidant properties. As published in a research on Food Chemistry journal, regular consumption of strawberries can boost blood antioxidant levels immensely. They can also help prevent chronic diseases. This red fruit is also beneficial for skin and good eye-sight. Strawberries are rich in flavonoids which help in fighting free radicals. Strawberries can also reduce risk of dementia, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Apples are also rich in antioxidant flavonoids, which protect plants against harmful UV radiations and disease spreading pathogens. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was published in 2002 that flavonoids greatly reduce risk of chronic diseases.


Eggplant is a highly important vegetable which is often neglected by many in their regular diets. It is rich in chlorogenic acid which has extremely strong antioxidant capacity. Much research has been done on the properties of eggplant and according to the Department of Agriculture, US, eggplant has the ability to fight free radicals and lower cholesterol. It also has anti-carcinogenic properties that prevent human body from cancer. Eggplant can be incorporated in diet in the form of curry or can be used as a topping for pizza.


Kiwi is a very beneficial fruit packed with antioxidants like Vitamin A and E. These vitamins are responsible for fighting off free radicals that can severely damage your cells. Kiwis also helps with controlling blood pressure. Kiwis also have the ability to boost up your immune system and also assist in the digestion of food.


For once, onions might make you cry tears of happiness. They are also enriched with antioxidants like vitamin c, folic acid, calcium, dietary fiber and many more. Onions also contain the flavonoid quercetin. As per the studies done by national onion association, eating onions reduces the risk of various diseases. It solves gastric problems and gastric ulcers and many digestive issues. Onions inhibit the population growth of a harmful microorganism called Helicobacter that causes gastric ulcers.




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