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Supplement Review: Olympus Labs IGNIT3

Ignit3 is one of the many new and innovative products that has recently been released by Olympus Labs. Ignit3 is classified as a fat burner, but in actuality is SO much more. Our tester was given the opportunity to try a full bottle (30 day supply) of Ignit3 and report his results. Before we get into that, lets first take a look at the formula.

The full serving size is 5 capsules. For some this may seem like a lot or inconvenient, however, our tester noted this as one of the pro's of the product due to its versatile dosing. Our tester took two capsules upon waking and three capsules about an hour prior to his workout roughly 5-6 hours later.

A supplement formula does not necessarily need to contain a new ingredient to be innovative. Although IGNIT3 includes relatively new and emerging ingredients like Eria Jarensis and J. Regia, the innovation lies within the combination of mechanisms of action IGNIT3 targets. The two aforementioned ingredients, Eria Jarensis and J. Regia are combined with Rauwolfia Serpentina in the Adrenergic Enhancing Trifecta blend that act upon the sympathetic nervous system aid in fat loss.

IGNIT3 targets four more pathways for a total of 5 synergistic pathways. The AMPlified Fat Incinerating Matrix with St. John’s Wort Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract and Caffeine targets the activated protein kinase (AMPK) to regulate metabolic function.

The Brown Fat + Thyroid Modulating & Total PPAR Domination blend covers the remaining three pathways. The blend consists of Aframomum Melegueta which activates Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) which leads to thermogenesis, Ginger Root Extract for BAT activation and to regulate the thyroid hormone and Olive Leaf Extract which also activates BAT. Olive Leaf Extract and the final two ingredients, Sesamol and Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract all activate peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) to stimulate your metabolism and adipogenesis, the inhibition of fat storage in the body.

Take a quick glance at the product label of IGNIT3 and it is clear that this is not your average fat burner. IGNIT3 utilizes 11, yes 11, beneficial ingredients at effective doses backed by clinical studies--which is also why it requires a 5 capsule dose to meet the daily total.

So, what did our tester have to say?

Our tester's first dose came 2 hours before a large family meal in which he was supposed to have his cheat day. He reported it nearly impossible to even reach his regular caloric intake, let alone surpass it due to the appetite crushing effects of Ignit3. While these did lessen (a little) over time, he still found it difficult at times to meet his total daily intake. This would be extremely beneficial for individuals who have a tough time controlling their caloric intake or who are on a restricted calorie diet.

Another prominent effect of the product is its ability to raise body temperature and literally ignite thermogensis. On several separate occasions, our tester reported sweating during simple tasks such as walking the dog and cleaning the house. This also translated into increased sweating in the gym and even breaking a sweat during warm ups. A sure sign that Ignit3 is doing what it was designed to do.

He followed a carb-cycling diet geared toward body recomposition and was able to lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks with no muscle loss. While that may not seem impressive to some of you, let us reiterate, this was all fat and water weight with no muscle loss. Additionally, this was with the intention of not necessarily losing weight, but rather gaining muscle while simultaneously dropping fat. The results indicate that Ignit3 is incredibly powerful and effective at stimulating the thyroid and elevating the metabolism to burn additional calories. Our tester did not really have much weight to lose when he began the product at 170lbs! He was very happy with the results none-the-less, as the weight seemed to come off in all the right places including chest, belly, and love handles. There was a small reduction in waist size from 31 inches to 30 inches, as well.

Another positive effect that was reported was the focus and mood improvement.

Ignit3 has many other beneficial health effects aside from weight loss and fat loss which you can read about on and Modern Athletic Health readers can use discount code OLY30 for 30% off your purhcases on all products site wide, including Ignit3



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