Supplement Review: USP Labs Max Reps +NO3

Taste Watermelon Limeade - I found this flavor unique. USP Labs does not go overboard with sweeteners. If you have ever had Modern BCAA you can note or relate to how refreshing the flavors really are. The ratio of watermelon to lime is stronger in the presence of lime. It was a 70/30 ratio of lime to watermelon. Right away the lime flavoring is strong, and the watermelon is more of a shadow in the aftertaste. Both flavors combine really well. Even with the high dose of citrulline you would expect this product to be on the tart side. I found no tart even mixed into 12-14oz of water per scoop (10-12 suggested on the label). No problems here. A good unique flavor that is delicious.

usplabs max reps

Mixability 12-14oz of water with 1 scoop has no clumps. I shook the bottle about 5 times and it was totally dissolved. I have never had a problem with USP labs Modern BCAA so this is no other exception. Incredibly light powder that mixes with ease. Formula

Very high does of Citrulline. 8g of Citrulline Malate is already on the high end, adding in another 2g of L-Citruline puts you at a very high dose. Arginine Nitrate is a solid choice that helps as a nitrate prohibitor. Basically it helps prevent a build up of nitrates with use over time. Making them more effect each time you use them. Vitamin C is a crucial addition to help prevent nitrate tolerance

usplabs max reps

Vitamin C and Nitrate Tolerance:

*Dietary supplement with vitamin C prevents nitrate tolerance* Workout Reaction Workout was Legs. I usually am not a pump chaser at all when it comes to training legs. The funny thing was I hit a new PR on Squats while using the Max Reps +NO3 and hitting 365 for 8 reps (video on my youtube). I warmed up by doing leg curls and then moving into a superset with abductors and adductors. This is when I moved onto Squats. Moving up by reps of 6 till I hit failure. I hit 6 and knew I had a few left in the tank so I pushed and got 8. I finished off the session with some Stiff leg deadlifts and leg extensions. Just warming up of sets of 10 on leg curls I could feel the hamstrings engaging and tightening after each and every rep after a few warm-up sets. Abductors and Adductors got my hips loose before I got to squatting. Squats even with 6 rep sets started to get the blood flowing, but nothing in terms of high hypertrophy which would help push a larger push. The last set of 8 had blood in my quads and left a decent pump after really pushing my max limits and a high RPE for my training mesocycle. The touch up work for stiff legs and leg extensions provided the best pump of the workout as accessory movements. Very short rest periods and really focusing on stimulating the muscle. The first workout was a good one, I will have to give this some more feedback to really give it a final grade to compare to other non-stimulants on the market.

Pro's/Con's Pro's - Legit dose of citrulline - High dose of Arginine Nitrate - Vit C addition for nitrate tolerance - No artificial colors Con's: - Flavor may be too light for some

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