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Product Review: Perfect Shaker

We were given the opportunity to review these shaker bottles from Perfect Shaker. It goes without saying that the superhero edition of this product is pretty cool looking. Nothing says gym time like a Superman logo, and I can't begin to tell you how many comments I got walking around with a Batman shaker bottle in the gym asking me where I got it.

Aside from their great looks, the product is advertised as 100% leak free. After multiple weeks of use, I can attest to this so far. Compared to other shaker bottles, the tops feel much more secure when screwed in place--no worry of over tightening, and a very secure feel. Additionally, the lids snap closed very securely into the mouthpiece. I keep the bottle in my gym bag which often gets tossed around during a workout, and the bottle has held up exceptionally well where others may crack or lose the tightness in the lid or top. I even dropped it once or twice and there was no explosion and loss of my pre workout, and the lid did not crack. This speaks to the design and integrity of the product quite well.

So what's going on inside the bottle? It's pretty cool, actually. This blending system is unlike anything I have personally seen.

As you can see, there is a rod that runs down through the bottle with a blender attached to it. This feature is extremely cool for several reasons. First, it cuts blending time in half AT LEAST. Literally no effort is required to blend even some thick proteins and batters. I used it the other evening to blend my protein pancake batter and had no issues what so ever. The second thing that is really nice about this feature is that it blends while you drink. The blender runs up and down the run, so as you tilt the shaker back to drink, it offers blending with each sip, eliminating clumping of product at the mouthpiece, and more importantly, in your mouth. The last thing that is great about this feature is no more of that obnoxious rattling of a blender ball. This blender is fixed to the rod and does not make a peep, only a small amount of noise when it's empty and turned upside down (obviously). I remember the days walking throuh my college classes or down that hallway with my blender ball rattling and drawing unwanted attention... not going to happen with this product!

Other key points:

- Wide mouth piece makes for easy chugging. If you are anything like me and like to down your shakes and pre workouts, you can easily drink the full 20+ ounces in a few big gulps that easily flow from the mouth piece -You don't hav

e to worry about losing the blender ball, as this blender is attached the top!

-Design makes for easy cleaning

-Bottle is BPA Freee and dishwasher safe



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